I think my Rolandos are too big

  1. I ordered these red Rolandos from Barneys and I think I shouldn't have sized up. They aren't the most comfortable shoes in the world but I think they are so pretty I really want to keep them. But if you look at how much room there is at the back of my foot, I really just think they are too big. I just went to Barneys website and they have a 5.5 available (my regular size) so I ordered those. I can walk in the 6 but they just have so much space at the back. I know with heels your foot slides down but I think this is too much. What do you think?

    I hope Barneys is good about returns because either way one is getting returned.
    redCLback.jpg redCLclose.jpg redCLfront.jpg redCLfrontclose.jpg redCLside2.jpg
  2. more pics....
    redCLside.jpg redCLsophie.jpg
  3. Awww...they do look amazing!
    I have this problem with my Mad Marys. I put a heel grip thing in it, but I think I should have stayed at my normal size instead of going 1/2 size up.
    Your lucky you found your size!
  4. yeah, that's why I just decided to go ahead and order the 5.5 now, because I really wasn't sure how long they'd have them. I figure I can compare them both, but what a pain in the butt! Then I'm going to have to return one. I guess I could just sell them on eBay though.
  5. those are HOT!! :drool:
    it does look like they're a bit too big, though. I think you did the right thing getting the next size down rather than getting a heel grip.
  6. They're gorgeous! Questions....What's your size in the simple 85mm pumps and No Prive? How are they not comfortable? I want to know b/c I really want these shoes, and I have very wide feet. So more info I can gather, the better I can make my decision. TIA.
  7. zophie, finally fedex delivered. Yeah! Those r so beautiful!!! They look fab on u! I think the 5.5 will fit better. As far as comfort, the more uncomfy the more gorgeous the shoe! Lmbo
  8. First, they look HOT. Congrats. I agree that the 5.5 would be better. The gap is very visible so even heel or toe inserts would probably not work.

    Wantmore. If at all possible try on some pairs. I had to go half a size up in the simple 85's and simple 100's. I have not tried on the no prive's yet.
  9. i actually ordered my "normal" size and thank god i did so as they are super tight but my heel still slightly slips out.. so i would recommend you get half size smaller if you can as it will just be better support given the heel height :smile:
  10. The problem with that is I ordered a bunch of CL in the mail and I have A LOT on my CC b/c of these damn shoes and they're sizing! I finally FedExed them last night so I should be getting some credit back. Maybe I can order a couple sizes of these Rolandos then! Damn, they're HOT! I had to go 1/2 size in the simple 85 too. Do you think that the 85 and 100 are the same fit?
  11. they do look big on you
    but they look so great on you with your skin coloring it really complements you and you have such great shaped legs your going to turn heads wearing them
  12. Well, on the positive side they look wonderful on you. But they do look too big. I'm sorry.
  13. FYI, I ordered a half size up in the simples and I am glad I did. I have wide feet ,too, but narrow heels. I have been comming home in the eveings and wearing them around the house to stretch them a bit. I could not have gone up a whole size though.I am eying a pair of no prives, too. I will most likely orer a half up on that as well and hope for the best!
  14. I had to go up a half size in my Rolandos. I'm a 7 and I had to get a 37.5. They fit perfectly. In your pictures they're definitely too big on you. I'm sure the 5.5 will be better! I guess it's different for everyone!
  15. Well, at least y'all agree they look too big. When I first put them on I was thinking that maybe a little bigger was good but I sort of look like I'm playing in my mom's shoes or something with the amount of extra room at the back.

    I tried putting pads in them and not only did it not help too much with the back being too big but it made them much less comfortable. The front toe box area is not that big and any extra padding pushed my toes up in there and the edges of the shoes cut into my toes.

    I have Very Prives and have them in my normal size, 5.5. My feet actually have a bit of room at the back in those but I thought it was because of the open toe because they slide down. The only other CLs I have are boots and booties, which I have in a 6. The booties I wear with a pad in them and they are fine, but they are a much more enclosed shoe. The boots I haven't worn out yet but they seem fine in the larger size.

    So now I'll be anxiously awaiting the FedEx man again. I wanted so badly to wear these but I think they are just too big. I have narrow feet and I think they just slide down in the front more than those with wider feet would.