I think my puppy is preggers!

  1. Ok, well, she isn't a puppy... she's almost 3. But she's my puppy! She was in heat about 2 weeks ago... and now she's thicker and acting all weird. She lays down whenever anyone comes near her and puts her paws in the air! and now, it's the middle of the night and she keeps barking at nothing sporadically.

    My parents have a male as well, he's only about 8 months old and he was hovering around her and humping her quite often... and well, they wanted puppies anyway... so they just let them "practice" :lol: thinking nothing would come of it, but now she's acting strange...

    Are these signs that she might be pregnant? I'm so worried... my little puppy! having... puppies! :shame:
  2. if she was in heat and he was around and he mounted her, it's definately a possibility. why isn't she spayed? if you are going to have an unspayed female, you have to understand that the scent is uncontrollable for male dogs and that is very important you keep them separated.
  3. Its probably time to take her to the vet and find out whether she is or not. Just to make sure its not anything else. Good luck!
  4. ^^ Yup, go to the vet just to make sure. If I'm not mistaken, dogs are pregnant for somewhere around 2 months arent they? Not really sure though.

    I have 3 male cats and 1 female that I keep together, I dunno why but I think all the males are stupid coz the female is not pregnant after all these times LOL!
  5. Male dogs will go thru a wall to get to a female in heat! Take her to the vet to be certain. If she is, you want to care for her properly.
  6. Amy-- ITA! I got my female chihuahua spayed because it cuts down on their chance for getting mammary, uterus, etc cancer. It can make them live so much longer ( I used to work for a vet).

    Same thing for my male chihuahua--he is neutered.

    There are WAY too many dogs (and cats!!) in the world already...
  7. mocean, what kind of pups will they be? How neat!
  8. Aww! Sounds like your parents were thinking more then just practice!!
  9. wow that's unfortunate. no male dog should ever be allowed to "practice". that's just asking for trouble. hope you can find them homes.