I think my next bag during PCE will be...

  1. THE BRIDGIT in vintage leather!!!!!

    I have fallen in LOVE with this bag.

    I thought I wanted the heritage tote... But no I want the Bridgit...

    I know it's a small bag for the price... but $398-25% is a pretty good deal...

    And I love the little features.

    The TWO zippered comparments, the turnlock detail on the zippers, and the kiss lock in the back!

    This picture did it in for me:


    I absolutley LOVE the Lily but don't want to spend $600+ and the Bridgit is like a little clutch version!

    OMG I could go on and on about this bag!

    So I'm wondering...

    What colors does the vintage leather come in?

    And what colors MAY it be coming in?

    AND When will it be out in stores?

  2. I would like the new heritage satchel...
  3. does anyone have the price on the medium lily, btw?
  4. Great choice the bridget is so cute! I just love it!
  5. I like all the hardware on the bag too!
  6. $768
  7. I didn't realize it had the kiss lock on the back! That is soooo cute!:love:
  8. Ummmm this is a fab bag!!!
  9. I really like this bag, reminds me of MJ bags.