I think my mom is onto me...

  1. Just got this card in the mail today ... LOL ... thought you all might appreciate it
    sc01d65bcc.jpg card_inside.jpg
  2. The drawing is so cute !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh that's so funny! :roflmfao:

    Happy Birthday Lit! :balloon: I didn't know it was your birthday?!?! :shame: Hope you had a blast!!! :party:

    No wonder why you acquired those blueberry beauties!!! :graucho:
  4. Thanks -- it was Tuesday, actually. The blueberry baby spy was supposedly my birthday present from my husband :love:
  5. Happy b-lated birthday. Do you think your mom is a pfer too? Cute card!!!! Your mom has a great sense of humor.
  6. Happy Birthday Litigatrix :love: :flowers: :yahoo:
    (sorry I didn't see the other part of the postcard:shame: ...)
  7. I'm pretty sure she's not, but I have told her about it and how much I have learned here! She was also in Paris with us, so she knows about my new black spy (as I used it while I was there) and about the blueberry baby spy and shoes since she was there when I got them. I also gave her a honey east-west B bag for Christmas, so she is a Fendi fan, too!
  8. That is so cute!!!:nuts: I don't think you can fool moms!!!:idea::lol: And happy belated b-day!!!:flowers:
  9. Very cute- happy belated bday
  10. That is so cute!

    Happy belated birthday! DH was good to you! :nuts:
  11. So cute happy birthday.
  12. Love the drawing!!! Adorable card, but even more, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :heart:
  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!

    I'm sooooo glad to be a year older (not)

  14. Happy belated B-day Lit!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
    Your mother has a great sense of humor! Love the card :nuts:
  15. A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you had a lovely day on Tuesday.

    Its funny how mums always know about things....LOL love the card