I think my Marc Jacobs looks Hermes-esque & I'd like to know your thoughts!

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  1. :heart:Please take my poll:heart:

    Okay, this post has three different points.

    1. Bluefly located my Marc Jacobs Guinevere Satchel :yahoo:
    This bag is OUTRAGEOUS! I think its beautiful in a very huge Birkin/Kelly kind of way. Its big, luxe, with soft calf leather, suede lining, a substantial golden pushlock, and very fine detailing and stitching.
    Im not sure why it kind of reminds me of Hermes bags but feel free to tell me if Im totally wrong or off-base!

    2. I would very much like your opinions on this bag; do you think it is beautiful? Timeless and classy? How much would you have paid for it?

    3. Lastly, I would like to know which bag you prefer; the espresso MJ Guinevere in pics 1 and 2 or the MJ Venetia shown in pics 3 and 4.

    Any thoughts are super appreciated!:heart::yes::heart:
    CIMG5150.JPG CIMG5151.JPG IMG_4019.jpg IMG_4005.jpg
  2. GUNG I love your polls!! :woohoo:First, I'm so happy that the stupid Bluefly/DHL mess got sorted out (did you have to raise hell or what?) Second, I agree that this Guinevere is Kelly-esque. I think it has to do with the shape and the handles, plus its clean/classic look. Third, I used to have a Venetia but ended up selling it because I didn't like dealing with the strap that goes over the middle part of the bag. That may not bother you though, so I prefer the Guinevere.

    So is your quest for the perfect bag coming to an end??
  3. ^Yay! You love the Guinevere!? I was so depressed when my sister was like UGH WTF is that bag?????

    I love the Venetia though too, even though I have to admit it is a pain to access the inside of the bag sometimes
  4. Tell your sister to shut up! :p Even if everyone who takes your poll prefers the other one, what counts is what YOU love my friend, you know that :smile:
  5. ^Heh, my dad was like eww gross it looks BIG

  6. OMG i want that Guinevere!!! my BF's mom got one in two toned taupe when i first got her hooked on MJ and i have loved it since. i think it's so chic and classy, and yet in that color, it could totally go bohemian and luxe-casual. WOW! keep it....keep it or i'll have to send the bag cops to your door.

    that venetia, bleh....
  7. Keep the guievere... It's an understated MJ, which I like!
  8. Both bags are beautiful. The Guinevere is more unique. I love that Venetia, though.
  9. Honestly? (Because you asked and because I know you can take it? :smile:) I am not in love with it. Sorry GUNG!

    However, I think you have wonderful taste, and I love pretty much all of your other bags (including the gorgeous Venetia!!) and would gladly take them off your hands if you asked. LOL! :smile:

    I should add that I have never seen the Gueneviere in person so maybe it looks better in real life than it looks to me in the picture.
  10. i really like the Guinevere. she's a cutie!
  11. I think the shape of the Guinevere is classic. Love the simple lines. Beautiful bag.
  12. I voted for the one with 2 pushlocks. Love MJ, but, I regret I am not a fan of either color. Are you trying to convince us or convince yourself? Are you torn between the two?
  13. First of all congrats on the find. I have both and love them, just depends on my mood when I use them. The Guinevere has an understated and timeless elegance in my option. Can't help you decide, but I know that you will enjoy either or both.
  14. Yaaaay! I'm so glad it got straightened out...one time I had a paycheck that took a year to find it's way to me (it had been reissued but still a year?!?!?) I'm not that familiar with Hermes aside from the most common styles. It does not look like a Hermes to me (at least the ones I've seen). They seem "harder" and more structured whereas your bag looks deliciously supple. Great bag...I'm sure glad you didn't have to miss out on it!

    Oh yeah and I voted for the Venetia because I reallly like the LV Manhattan style.
  15. Congrats on finding your bag :smile: I love the Guinevere, it looks more classic...