I think my LV is jinxed!!

Dec 31, 2007
I'm freaking out!

I recently bought a Galliera PM (about a month ago). It took me a few days to start using her...only because I kept admiring it. The first night I used it was when I went to the movies. A horror flick I may add...
My BF and I were sitting down watching the previews and a lady and her two girls were coming down the aisle. Well wouldn't you know it...she spilled her large drink on us as she was walking by. She got coke all over my feet/sandals and my purse (yes it was on the floor as there were no vacant seats around us). Thank God for the "feet" on that bag. It got on the canvas and piping. My whole evening was ruined! What made me more mad was she didn't even apologize! All she said was "oh it was an accident" I managed to clean it up with baby wipes and only had a few spots....

This past weekend my BF and I went to an upscale restaurant that has a lounge attached to it. We went in to have a couple of drinks after dinner. They have a band and a dance floor and my BF wanted to dance so I placed my purse under the table. When we were getting ready to leave I picked up my bag and felt something wet. It looked like lotion. Again...freaking out I ran to the ladies room. I grabbed a damp paper towel and started wiping it. This time it was on the top vachetta where the strap attaches to the bag. I was baffled as to what it could be. I don't carry lotion in my purse. We only danced one song so I have no idea what it was or who did it!!!! It was really really weird!

I'm not one to baby my bags but I just may have to. It's such a shame cuz a beautiful bag like that deserves to be seen!

Anyone else have weired stories?? Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks for letting me vent.....


Jan 19, 2009
WOW. i wouldve been DEVASTATED. I think I would've gone off on the lady and tell her to give me some kind of compensation$$ for ruining my brand new LV bag. Not to be a b*tch to her or anything, but she should DEFINATELY have done something about it. I can't believe she didnt even apologize. the NERVE. If i were her I wouldve felt so bad.


Mar 8, 2009
i have this bag and have had it for over a year now.... i never seem to use it because i hate the black marks the rings leave and the inside of it is just waiting to be soiled. i did order a purse to go so hopefully.... it gets here soon so i can think about using this again. also, my strap came un-done a while back! the screw came loose that holds the ring in place. wonder if other ppl have this problem?