I think my LV bag may have gotten me better service today!!!

  1. So for the first time, I carried my LV on a shopping trip at my favorite mall. I was prepared for the possibility of getting judged and hearing snide remarks. I even had a line prepared for anyone who decided to ask me if my bag was fake. It was a good one, too.:smartass: :lol:

    Well, much to my surprise, there was no bad treatment. Actually, I got really good treatment. In Sephora, an employee glanced at the bag from afar and almost scrambled over to help me. She was really nice.

    In another store, I got a compliment from a customer and a request to hold the bag from an employee. She was gushing over it and begged to hold it because she had never held one before. I let her.:smile::lol:

    In Nordstrom, a SA saw me looking at a Chloe bag, came over and was telling me all about it...this may have been a SA that had ignored me on a previous occasion. :confused1: Can't say for sure...but she looked quite familiar.

    There's more...My best friend was with me during the trip and she says, "I'm going shopping with you more often...the service is great!":roflmfao: We think it was because of the bag.:rolleyes: No wonder you ladies are so addicted. Carrying one is like traveling with one's own red carpet. :lol:
  2. glad to hear you are enjoy LV! May i ask what piece you carry today?
  3. Lol yes, do tell!!
  4. I'm glad to hear you got exceptional service carrying your LV bag! Isn't it amazing how easily you can change a salesperson's perception of you by the bag you carry?

    Good for you! Your LV bag brings your great luck!
  5. Classic Chic, it was an Alma in Monogram Canvas. It's my only LV so far...and now I really understand why people want more. It goes with so much!!! I had on jeans today and it looked great. I could dress up for church or brunch tomorrow and it would look great. I need a Speedy now. :lol:
  6. Aww well that's nice to hear lol..I'm glad you had a great time!
  7. Congrats, always fun to shop with great service!
  8. Might as well make that bag work for you! Glad you were treated so nicely!
  9. The crazy thing was that all this time, I had been avoiding carrying the bag because I did not want to deal with the possibility of being treated badly. This was cool...My best friend was like, "Something is very different...and I like it. It's the bag!" :lol:
  10. im glad you got great service! lv does that!
    im curious as to what your " fake bag" line was!
  11. It is sad but true... that is just what happens from time to time depending on what the SA perceives of you

    Glad you had fun!
  12. That's so cool!
  13. That's awesome. I'm gald you had a great time.
  14. Glad to hear you got good service!
  15. I think the same thing happened to me today too....I was in Saks looking at shoes and i must have had like 3 or 4 diff SAs ask me if i needed help. In fact everystore I went into I had that many SAs ask me if I needed help....yeah the power of LV does come in handy sometimes. ;)