I think my hubby is blind....

  1. OMG, we went to a movie over the weekend and while we were standing in line for popcorn I whispered, "Check out that fake Coach just ahead of me". He looks and says, "Yea, I can tell.....it's the stitching, isn't it!" :wtf:

    Uh no.............it would be the G's all over it instead of C's. :noggin:

    I still love him. :heart:
  2. cute story
  3. heehee...that is too cute!! Guys can be a little oblivious when it comes to purses.
  4. Lol. I love it when my fiance can tell what bags are real or fake. We report them on eBay all the time!
  5. aww thats so cute!
  6. aren't boys just so cute....lol. my hubby is getting a bit better, but still doesn't "get it". gotta love them for trying tho.
  7. too funny!
  8. so funny, he tried, huh?:p
  9. Hey....at least he tried....He gets an "A" for effort. Shows he has at least been paying attention to what makes a fake....sorta :rolleyes::heart: That's too cute...thanks for sharing!!!!
  10. That is funny!
  11. He's cute, 'cause he was really trying to get it, Love this story!
  12. :lol: Sounded like the right thing to say at least. I love it.
  13. Bahahahah !!! Awww cute!
  14. That is funny! DH has gotten better at picking out the fake LVs but then I switched to Coach and he is at a loss. He tries though.
  15. LOL! Maybe he was trying to point out the less than obvious defects in the fake bag? I mean, anyone can spot G's but it takes a 'professional' Coachie hubby to catch those little details like stitching! Heehee!! Too cute!