I think my friends favorite Coach bag is fake...should I say something?

  1. Hello! I need to know if I should tell my friend her signature carly is a fake? Here's a little bit of the story behind how I found out...and I'm not sure but I don't think she is aware her bag is or might be a fake.

    My friend is so sweet, she knows I've been reading the forums for a few weeks now and have been trying to pick out a bag to be "the" bag I am saving for. While talking with her she's telling me about her coach signature carly, like " this type of bag is perfect for you...you have to try it...etc" So I take her up on her offer to let me wear her bag for a day to make sure that I will love it and actually know I want one for myself (she's was so sure if I just gave it a chance I would fall in love). So today was the day, and let me just say that yes, it was a very nice bag and carried everything I needed I also I love the way it fit. But I did notice something I hadn't noticed before, her bag (which is a black signature) has a brown small signature lining. From everything I've read That's wrong isn't it? Now I don't know what to do. She loves this bag. If it's fake, it is still very well put together, everything else about it looks great, all The C's match up the stitching is very well done and it's a good feeling, solid bag, so...should I tell her something may not be right or let her enjoy her bag? I give the bag back tomorrow morning when I see her... I can't decide what to do. Any ideas?

    Thanks so much
  2. Do you have any pictures? That would help.
  3. Signature bags absolutely NEVER have signature lining. If her signature Carly has this, it's definitely fake.

    Do you know where she bought it? How good of a friend is she?
  4. If she thinks it's real (and if she's a GOOD friend!) I would let her know, gently, that it's fake and offer to take her to the Coach store or a department store or whatever to help her compare to a real one so she can see the difference.

    Many people who carry fakes (whether they know it or not) end up changing their minds when they see the difference in quality and overall appearance.
  5. ^^ Agree, Coach bags with signature on the outside NEVER have signature interior linings on the inside. That's a big sign that it's a fake. Do you have a picture? That would definitely help.

    I'd say DEFINITELY make sure it's a fake bag, before even thinking about telling your friend.
  6. i have the same problem...my best friend LOVES her coach...and i know it's fake...but she likes it and I don't want to burst her bubble...if she's your friend and she's happy...i don't think it should matter. it could just turn into a big mixup
  7. I found my camera and am charging the batteries to take some pictures.

    Yeah, she's a good friend and a very nice person in general. That is what makes it difficult to know what to do. It's almost like I don't want to embarrass her, because I think she will be embarrassed to have carried and really enjoyed her bag if it turns out to be fake, which I am very sure it is.

    I know she has gotten a few of her nicer bags on eBay and some (although I don't think this one) as gifts. Like me she isn't made of money and I'm pretty sure if she thinks it is fake she will stop carrying it, meaning she will lose her favorite bag until after saving for it a second time.

    I think I need to sleep on it because I keep going back and forth with myself over this and maybe I'm just making too big a deal out of it. I think what bothers me most is if it were me how much I would want to know, but how disappointed I would be at the same time.
  8. Gosh, this is a tough one!

    I would want a friend (as opposed to a perfect stranger) telling me my bag was a fake, though. Can you imagine the embarrasment if someone mean said something snide in her hearing?

    Yet she loves the bag...do you have a store nearby where they can authenticate it?
  9. Wow, that is a tough decision. But like you said, I'd want to know if I had a Fake and mistakenly thought it was real. And I would want my friend to tell me instead of finding out from a stranger (which you know would eventually happen - just a matter of time). She may be sad about it but it'll be temporary - till she gets another purse (a REAL one next time). I have heard that the Fakes are getting pretty good looking so it's not your friend's fault for not realizing it. Good luck with your decision to tell her or not to tell her!
  10. Thank you to everyone! I took some pictures but after looking the bag over even more and reading a "how to spot a fake" I don't even need to post them. I think I am going to tell her (gently) because I don't want someone she doesn't know to say something mean.

    I really appreciate everyones thoughts and advice to help me decide, and hey maybe a bright spot is we can save up for our bags together.
  11. well i can say my sig black carly has plain black lining and i know it is real bc i bought it at holt renfrew. i think it is tough but u should tell her. i would want to know! but maybe frist ask her where she got it- maybe she things she got a grerat deal on eBay. hopefully she didnt spend a lot on it!
  12. I don't think you should tell her TBH, I don't see what good it would do.
  13. This is a very awkward situation! I think you should tell her though. As you said, its better for her to hear it from you then someone else. Where did she get it from? Perhaps it was a gift and she was told its real. I think its a great idea to start saving up together so you can both get beautiful and authentic Carlys!
  14. Well I think she should know, what is going to happen when the bag falls apart? will she want to take it to COACH? Just going in there would be weird, and then they will tell her in front of everyone!!!:push: Ask her where she got it. Then go from there. If it was a gift, I hope it was not anyone who she really cared, like a new boyfriend. If she bought it, well, you win some you loose some.
  15. I was in a very similar situation and I decided to tell my friend that her bag was a fake. Turns out she KNEW it was a fake!! (She used the term "knock-off"). But it sounds like your friend wouldn't be happy with a fake, so I would gently tell her the truth. I know I would want to know.