I think my friend has cancer again..........

  1. I think my best friend has cancer again. She has had it twice and just found a pea size thing under her arm towards her breast and on her neck. It is where the chain of lymph nodes would go. So it will be a waiting game once again. She is not very worried and even not concerned about seeing the doctor. She was there this week but said the doctor forgot to look at her neck ( I don't think she told the doctor).
    I can't even begin to tell you the nightmare stories of doctors concerning her illness......from saying to go home and die to saying she is cancer free.......
    Just need to vent.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she tells her doctor soon. I can understand how scared she probably is, but it could be something else? Take care and keep us posted.
  3. I am so sorry to hear this. Please make sure she does go to the doctor, and don't let her give up. I do emphasize that some doctors can be a hassle sometimes, but once you find the one perfect doctor, it's great. Maybe it could turn out to be nothing? Stay positive and I am sending good vibes to your friend and you.
  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. Maybe it's nothing. Keep your head up and stay strong. She needs people to be there for her. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers...
  5. Hope your friend is ok Gilliana!
  6. the nurse came to our class and talked about some of the lymph bump. sometimes it's not always cancer, so dont worried about it. check w/the doctor first, i always get it be4 /during my period under my right armpit.
  7. My best friend was also diagnosed w/ cancer this week. I am so sorry. I am trying to just give as much supposrt as I can.

  8. She is fine. Had all her tests done and it is nothing. I am so happy because I worry about her so much. She sometimes does not realize how important she is to my family and we don't want anything to happen to her.
  9. So happy to hear good news!:tup:
  10. Damn lymph nodes, I hope it just turns out to be nothing, but keep us posted.
  11. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I'll keep her in my thoughts. I hope everything turns out okay.
  12. I'm glad to hear your friend is okay.

    Cancer is a scary word. Recently the doctors found a suspiscous non-calcified nodule in my right lung, and I went to see an oncologist about it at my regular doctor's insistence. I'm not freaked about it, but everyone around me is. Like your friend, I've already been through a lot of life-threatening and life-changing medical problems, so this was no big deal to me.

    It also doesn't do any good to freak out about it. You only make yourself worse. I go back in Febuary to see if it's grown, and if so, see about treatment.

    More than anything, I really don't feel talking about it or getting all worked up about it does any good. The hard part is looking at the faces of my family.
  13. ^^^^^

    Hope all will be well for you Speedy!

    Glad your friend is ok Gilliana
  14. Thanks BagAngel, I'll be fine. I always am. The hard part is looking at the faces of those around me. I wanted to mention this to the OP and anyone else who knows someone wtih cancer or a life-threatening disease... try not to give them a sad look. Tell them you are there for them and then be there, but giving them the "graveyard" look is rough on the patient. My brother started this gesture towards me since I was first told about the nodule that bothers me some... just before he leaves each time (he checks on me four times a day) he gives me his index finger to hold like when I was little... It makes me feel guilty for being sick.

    That which doesn't kill us only serves to make us stronger. I ought to be Herculien by now! :p
  15. Speedy, I love your attitude!!! :tup:

    I know I hate that look too, sometimes it seems that illness is harder on those around us than on us.