I think my eyes are deceiving me....

  1. wow, thanks for sharing that eBay listing... i've only heard of it, but never seen any pics of it or seen it IRL...
  2. I LOVE this bag, and I think it's about as chic as it gets for carrying shoes, toiletries, small electronics, what have you. Love it! :love: They're quite unusual, actually, and very uncommon on eBay.
  3. Yes I thought they were rare.
    I'd snap it up but its a leather I'm not in love with.
    And you know what they say when your not in love with it, throw it back.
    Okay, maybe not throw......
  4. Is it Courcheval?

  5. and only 410$?:wtf:
  6. Just for the moment--her stuff usually ends up at a fair market price, it just saves her a ton of fees to start it so low (and of course it brings in lots of eyeballs to the auctions!).
  7. I wish I could see it on a person 'cause it looks rather bulky!
  8. I'm too short for it, by a lot, Sus. I tried one on at a resale shop once. I think you'd have to be a minimum of 5'6" to carry off this bag without it clunking you uncomfortably on the lower hip (or knee if you're a munchkin like me, LOL!!). It's also quite heavy--I believe the squared off part might be a wooden box covered in leather.
  9. Wow, interesting piece! I love myampie, a great seller who you can always get a great price from too, and she seems to be going all out on the photos too - yay!!!!!
  10. It's like an Extreme Bolide (tm). ;)
  11. What an awesome bag! I love, love, LOVE it!
    (but not enough to bid this week ;))
    Good luck in bidding! Someone will get very lucky.

  12. I think its Courcheval. Perhaps Gold?
    It has no lock, a mar from its beauty....

    Think that this could go through a spa?
  13. There must be something wrong with me. I do not like this bag. It looks like a bolide with a square box underneath. Very cumbersome design. Must be heavy, too.
  14. [​IMG]

    This is cool... I didn't know it opened up like this...