I think my day is dolma green ...what do you think?

  1. is this dolma green day from 2005 collection?:confused1:

  2. and how about this bag i think its from 2006 and i think color look like ink but i don't know about style names and leather:confused1:

  3. please help me :sweatdrop:
  4. I'm sorry I don't know, but I love the look of the Day! Give the other members a chance to see you post and respond, someone will know and will help you! :yes:
  5. It's difficult to tell with photo's, but I would tend to agree that it looks like dolma green. I think its too light to be origan, which would be the other option.

    In respect of the make of bag, I'm not sure. I've seen them listed as the 'monk' bag, but not sure if this is the correct name.
  6. IMO, the first one is Dolma Green 2005 Day ~ very nice leather
    The second one, I think it's called "Monk" bag but the color, I don't think that's INK. It's look black to me ;)
  7. DD101...Thank you for stop by i like my day bag too ^_^

    Fred&Ginger...Thank you so much i do think its dolma but the hard wear in picture made me think its not from 05 ^^'

    Andy_Sach...Thank you so much ^^
    i have more picture of bag number 2 i think this color look like Ink ,what do you think? ^-^

  8. Oh~ wow
    Now it's look like INK ... LOL
    373.jpg 374.jpg
  9. The second bag is super cute! I haven't seen that bag before. :love:

    Also the day is lovely! :drool:
  10. ahh , i think it cost the light in those first 3 pics is a bit dark ^^'

    and thank you so much for a pics of Lindsay , its the first time i have seen this style on celeb ^o^

  11. kirsten...i like that this bag have silver hardwear and zipper is silver too ^-^
  12. Hey- is this the dolma day from that auction on eBay? (the one where one of the authenticators caught on that TWO mannequin's were used?)

    If so- WOWOWOW!!!! Awesome CATCH!
  13. ah, i don't know abot that , where i can check about that post?

  14. This may or not be one if the auctions on eBay...

    But I have the one auction where the seller took bad pics so some of them looked like Apple Green and others looked like Dolma.

    Yours is mos def a Dolma! Yours and mine look very alike!
  15. The second bag is for some reason frequently called the "monk" bag but it's actually sac linea metallica. I don't know if the colors for those bags match up with the motorcycle colors as you can tell the leather texture is very different.