I think my cat hate his claws.

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  1. I know, I KNOW! I shouldnt get my cat declawed BUT i think he seriously hates them.

    He is about 3 years old, and he just cant figure out how to work them.

    He gets stuck/caught on everything. I feel bad for him, and I feel bad for me, because he cant even walk across the couch without being stuck and then ripping his claw out of the couch for his next step.

    I would say there have been times, when we physically have to remove him from furniture, because hes stuck...and its not that hes fighting us...hes fighting to get loose.

    I just feel so bad for the poor guy, everytime he walks its like he has super glue stuck to his feet...its like step, pull, rip...step, pull, rip.

    anyone go through the same thing?
  2. How often do you trim his claws? Also, when you do trim them... do you file them down afterwards to make sure there's no ragged edges? This was happening to my kitten too, but we began trimming her claws more often and making sure to file them to a clean edge when we're done.
  3. ^^ ITA. Trim his claws. :smile: That helps a lot.

    My cats all eventually get stuck but I'm sure they would never want to get part of their feet cut off.

    Does your cat have scratching posts or cat trees?
  4. My one cat has the same problem and I always yell at him "See if you would let me trim your claws this wouldn't happen!" when he gets stuck. :biggrin: I would just suggest trimming them often and filing them. Next time I get my cat shaved I am going to ask them to trim his claws as well because he goes a bit psycho when I try to do it.
  5. Yes, it is a matter of keeping his claws trimmed.

    My cat is having this problem right now and I will be trimming his claws soon. It's usually a bit of a struggle but sometimes he is very good about it. I don't file them.
  6. Yep, just trim more often and make sure the blade is sharp, that will make a clean cut with no ragged edges.
  7. Yup, the little guy just needs a regular pedicure.

    If you're not sure how to do it, or how much claw to trim safely, ask the vet nurse/assistant to show you first time.
    One of my cats doesn't like having her claws done so a fearless vet nurse gives her a pedi once a month (at no charge) :smile:
  8. Have any of you tried one of those rotary machines they advertise all over the place?
  9. I've contemplated them but from what I understand they are pretty loud and I know that wouldn't go over well with the one cat I would need to use it on.
  10. Declawing a cat is the equivelant to chopping someones fingers off. It's inhumane & should be made illegal in the United States.

    My local animal rescue centre is currently looking for an indoor only home for a cat who was brought over to London, owners no longer want the cat & since being declawed, cat has to be watched over if he so chooses to go outside. He cannot defend himself or climb & he's seriously depressed.

    This makes me really upset & I just can't understand how someone could do such a thing. Just learn, or send them to have their nails clipped every once in a while.
  11. Definitely trim the claws! If you can't do it, take him to the vet or even a groomer or Petsmart. (We get our dog done at Petsmart and it is about $10.) You can read about how to do it properly online and buy a claw trimmer at the pet store, or ask the vet tech or groomer to show you how to do it properly. You can't just chop away or you risk hurting the kitty. My husband has used his Dremel rotary tool on our dog's claws, but honestly he hates the noise and the clipper is faster and easier.

    We have a cat that gets stuck on things sometimes, too, we always joke about it and say that she never learned how to work her claws. :lol:
  12. Another option you might consider is a product called "Soft Paws;" they're like rubber claws that are glued on...they can last a month or so-you can do it yourself, but many cats need a vet to apply them under sedation.
  13. I agree with Wingless, my BH got a cat who had his nails removed (all of them) and he STILL, after 8 yrs won't let you touch his paws because I think they still hurt... he's very touchy about his feet in general...

    I find training them at a younger age with the trimmings and keeping up with it is much better... it just becomes an accepted practice and common place and mine just sit back and mumble until it's done and then they are back to normal.
  14. I would not declaw a 3 year old cat! I will admit to having my previous cat declawed when he was a kitten, about 6 or 8 weeks old I believe. He lived to be 13 and died from cancer. he ran, jumped and even scratched at things just like a cat with claws would have done. He was not depressed. But, maybe that was because he didn't know any better since he had never had claws(we only had his front claws done).

    The cat we have now we adopted at 2 years old, he had claws when we adopted him and he still has his claws now. We just take him in for a trim every so often. Not sure if I would declaw again with future cats.
  15. Try soft paws. They come in tons of cute colors!