I think Marc is just a big KID at heart!

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  1. If his tattoos are any indication, it looks like Marc loves cartoons. Look how whimsical they are...Spongebob, the red M & M guy, those green & purple creature thingys. Very cute! I wonder if he'll ever get a Snoopy tattoo...:lol:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. God I love him. LOL
  3. haha those are ridiculous. i love them.

    doesnt he have a tattoo of him simpsonized? if anyone had a pic i wanna see it!
  4. marc is such a silly little guido :heart: look at the bling in his ears!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. haha he's great. sexi lil man.
  7. awww that is just too cute!
  8. Hes fab!!! I love him!!!! I think his miss marc bags are also a great example of his sense of humor!!
  9. ^^That is so true! Those Miss Marc designs are just animated-type characters themselves. Love that!
  10. I love him - he's such a freak-show.
  11. i adore him! he's done a complete 180 from how he looked before. he's so fab and hot now!

  12. :tup::tup: I think he is so sexy, yum!
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