I Think Joss Stone Looks A Mess !

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    UK Music Hall Of Fame.
    JossStone_Antho_11376079_600.jpg JossStone_Antho_11376080_600.jpg JossStone_Antho_11376072_6001.jpg
  2. I agree:yes:
  3. thats a bad hair job (the red highlights)
  4. She's such a good looking, tall young lady...she can almost get away with wearing anything...not sure about this 'outfit' though!:s
  5. yeah she's a very pretty girl but her hair isn't nice :S
  6. I like her top. :biggrin: She's looking like Elvira the go-go dancer.
  7. What happened?! She is so cute and a natural beauty! Now it looks like her next step will be with a Dr. 90210! Was these photos taken on Halloween?
  8. The hair doesn't go with the outfit. Also, I don't car how HOT your legs are I don't believe in Thigh-high (over the knee) boots. They make any woman look like a hoochie IMO! Knee-high would have been sexier.
  9. i don't mind the dress, but i dislike the hair...:wtf:
  10. I think Go Fug Yourself put it best when they compared her dress (shirt?) to a hospital gown!
  11. She needs a stylist.
  12. I totally agree with you!! hideous hair style!
  13. The hair reminds me of Dylana on Rock Star:Supernova. Not a good look for Joss.
  14. Ooooh! The hair! Yikes!
  15. total mess