i think i've got Mom hooked! gold birkin owners, help needed!

  1. hi ladies,

    i know those of you have seen my lonely little black birkin in the bathtub pics. well for some time my mom who has been reluctant to join the H craze, has been interested in a gold birkin, perhaps. i've been looking to get a 30 cm birkin for a while to offset my 35 one...maybe it should be gold? i told her we could share :p and i would be happy to pay the bulk of it and let her use it!

    the thing is :blush: i'm not a huge gold birkin fan...BUT the color has been growing on me for some time, esp since Ms. VB was seen with hers.

    those of you with gold birkins, or anyone who loves the gold color for that matter, tell me why you love your birkin and why you love the color. you might turn the tide! i just would like to make my mom happy, she's always been generous to me and my brother. :tup:

    thanks! :p:heart:
  2. I don't have one but sure would love to have one
  3. Dear Ms. P:

    You are such a nice daughter and your mom should be HAPPY no matter what color you will buy for her!!!

    The color GOLD is so versatile (just look at the ref forum and the other gold owners; HOW HAPPY they are), the color speaks for itself!!!
  4. I so much love my gold evergrain massai ( I was really saving this color for a kelly or birkin) but, I cant let go of it when I tried it on and saw myself in the mirror!

    Its sooo versatile/neutral and perfect for any skin tone:tup: It matches any age group.
  5. I have one. Gold Togo with Gold hardware and it's fantastic because it's a workhorse bag that looks SMASHING with just about anything you can think of to wear!!! AND during ALL seasons!!!! It's a "must-have" in my opinion. Gold, Black and then whatever color takes your fancy!!!!
  6. I've the same birkin as S'Mom except that my hardware is palladium. After seeing S'Mom's, my personal opinion is that Gold with Gold is gorgeous. That said, you cannot go wrong with either hardware. I vote for Gold Togo. It's such an easy leather to look after .... actually there's no need to look after. :yes:
  7. *dashes in thread*...thanks so far ladies! i am warming up to togo...but swift is delish too! urgh!
  8. It absolutely goes with everything! (Well, except for lingerie.)
  9. I love gold! It will be fabulous.
  10. Here's my Gold Togo. :heart:

    And Gold always comes with white contrast stitching.
  11. ooooh, very pretty! i love the contrast stitching!

    my thing with togo is the grain, i like the grain to be rather small...but from a distance it's not as noticeable. mom did say she'd like a "lower" maintenance bag :biggrin:
  12. You will definitely not go wrong with Togo then :tup:

    Togo's grains are more refined than Clemence's even though they're more 'bumpy' for the lack of better description.
  13. Hi Pigleto! Yes, I remember your lonely Black birkin in the tub! Never too soon to give her some company! I think a gold Birkin would be a perfect companion... absolutely!! You're such a wonderful daughter to be thinking of such a lovely present for your mom! I personally don't have a gold birkin myself, but I have one in Cognac, which is very close to gold, except it has a slightly deeper tan than gold. Mine is in epsom, but I think in terms of maintenance, togo or clemence is still more scratch resistant. Here's a pic of my Cognac 35 with PH side by side with my Noir 35 with PH (I thought it'd be a good foreshadowing pic of your black birkin and "future" gold) ;):
    Cognac and Noir.jpg
  14. awww, very nice...thanks! my mom thinks the 35 is too big for her, i think the 30 would suit her nicely :biggrin: and yes, my poor lonely birkin would love a bit of company!

    my black one is epsom and does have a few scratches on the back...but i think it gives the bag some character :p
  15. I have a gold/gold togo 35 as well. I never would have thought of getting one but for the photos of all the lovely ones the ladies here have -- I fell in love with it here on tpf. And the more I carry it, the more I love it. Like S'Mom says, it is the most versatile bag I have.