I think I've gone crazy -

  1. So I sent back the Popincourt Haut to elux and got my new Batignolles (regular size). After carrying it for 2 days I think its too small. It fits everything but.... it just looks too petite. I also think (I have carpal tunnel) that I'm better off with a shoulder bag. So.... I'm thinking (whispering now) that I might go back and exchange it for the .... Popincourt Haut. Maybe I was too harsh in my assessment of it and I'm missing it a bit. My only other choices are the Cabas Piano or Petit Noe as I don't want something huge. Am I completely off my rocker???
  2. did you try them on before you bought them?

    try looking at the BH or the BV...
  3. No, I'm very indecisive as well. The Cabas Piano and Petit Noe are both great bags. I'd go for the Cabas Piano because you'll still have the structured shape as you would with the Popincourt Haut or the Batignolles.
  4. I have carpal tunnel as well and have found that most shoulder bags are bad for me-
  5. shoulder bags are bad? Why is that. I thought it would be easier than having to carry it in your (bad) hand.
  6. Because the nerves affecting the carpal tunnel area start up around the neck and shoulders-- too much pressure there and you get more pain at the wrists... (per my Dr.)
  7. hmm - very interested. Mine actually seems to start mid arm and makes my left hand (pinky finger especially) numb.
  8. Just make sure you come to a final decision sooner or later. I know that too many exchanges/returns gets a flag in their system or something like that.
  9. Its only been 1 at elux - and this will be the 1st at the LV store
  10. It's never good to carry a heavy bag, but if it's lighter, it shouldn't be a problem as the worst pain comes from the wrist area itself (where the inflamed nerves are). I was diagnosed years ago with CT, and a "hand" bag really irritates my hands as well as my elbow area.

  11. Oh then that's not bad at all! Whew! I thought it was all eLux. :shame: Sorry!
  12. Just take your time and make sure you make the right decision. All this stress and back-and-forth will soon be forgotten once you are loving and using your bag. Did you look at the Batignolles Vertical?

    Let us know what you decide!