I think I've found the wallet!

  1. [​IMG]

    It's so perfect! I have wanted a French purse forever but people kept saying they were a hassle to get in and they were missing a clear ID holder which is a must. Now Coach has come through for me once again!

    Does anybody know about the colors for this? I'm not feeling that yellow but maybe black if it's the same two tone style of the other legacy French purses. Didn't they have a black/pink combo!!!!! Also, I'm wondering about pricing and if it's already out.

    Details ladies! I NEED Details!
  2. hmmm that one is interesting, but I like it. It's obviously not out yet, but probably will when the Madeline comes out.

    *edit* the style number is 40707. I'll check it out today at work.
  3. Aww thanks! Yeah I didn't think it was out yet, but I just fell in love with the fact that it's the size I want and has an id holder! Literally, love at first coach!
  4. looks nice! :tup:
  5. Isn't this on the Japan site now? I can't remember but thought it was.
  6. The card slots are snug and the coin section (of the Legacy French Purse) doesn't hold much (which can be a good thing because coin gets heavy!), but over all I like them because they are small and feminine and after daily use they do hold up. I do like the added feature of the ID holder. I suspect other colors should be available. Call 800 CS and give them the style number 40707 and ask what colors are available.
  7. I like it...especially the color.