I think I've found my next bag!

  1. So I went into the Nordstrom today to take a look at a few Gucci bags and I tried on this bad boy and automatically fell in love! I tried on the big one but felt like it was too big on me. This one looked a bit small on the inside but looked great on me. Idk which to choose?!?! I have a speedy 30 and a neverfull and I love my neverfull. Maybe I just have to carry less in the smaller one? Opinions? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380697149.085719.jpg
  2. I am looking at purchasing this bag in either black or orange. It is gorgeous and I can't help thinking about it everyday. I have both NF and Speedy but thought this is something different. I have not look at the bag in person but most likely would go for the small one as I don't normally carry a lot.

    Can't wait for your reveal!
  3. It IS beautiful in person - and I know what you mean, can't stop thinking about a certain bag - being obsessed!:graucho:
  4. I can't go to any Gucci store at the moment, hence thinking of purchasing it online. However, I can't decide between black or orange colour. Black would go with most outfits but orange is a pretty colour. Tough decision.
  5. I have this bag in red and will be getting the black one next. I love it! I own the speedy 35 and a 3 neverfulls- mm and gm sizes. I think this bag is amazing!
  6. I would chose the orange! I really like the orange Guccissima Sukey top handle bag, that one's on my list.
  7. The bag is really awesome!!! It can fit many things but still very stylish looking. A colleague of mine has it in orange and she wears it everyday to work!!!
  8. I have this bag and I love it! It's very class when I have to dress up for presentations and nights out with friends if I don't use my Eva clutch.
  9. Fabulous bag! Has a very classically chic look.
  10. My brother just got me this bag in the large version and I love it! It's perfect IMO - I sometimes wear it cross-body when I am shopping.
  11. I love this! Is the HW gold tone?? What colours does it come in??
    So lovely and not a bad price IMO ❤️
  12. The HW is light gold. This bag comes in many different colors. For example red, taupe, pink, orange, white etc...

  13. The HW is light gold. This bag comes in many different colors. For example red, taupe, pink, orange, white etc...
  14. I just bought the larger size in black and love it !!! I was using the speedy 35 DE but I've since switched bags (for the moment ;))
  15. I have the small version of this bag in black and it's amazing! I'm 5'2 and it's the perfect size for my frame.