I think I've already ruined my new bag! Help!

  1. So yesterday I went down to Saks in Beverly Hills and bought myself a BV - I've been so excited about it, I've hardly taken it off my shoulder. Anyway, today I was wearing a navy t-shirt that I've washed and worn many, many times - but then I noticed that some of the color had gotten onto the leather handles as well as the threading! Is there anything I can do? Or is it too late? Please help!!!!:sad::wtf::crybaby:
  2. I would take it back to the store and ask to have it professionally cleaned. It's brand new, so I wouldn't take the chance of going some where else. Good luck!
  3. You can try to use a pencil eraser if the rubbings are not too bad. I have a Tulum PM and the brown fabric from the zipper transferred onto the underside of the shoulder strap towards the end where it meets the zipper. Well, I flipped and panicked as well. Then I read somewhere in TPF that a pencil eraser will help and sure enough it did! Try just a small spot first to see if it'll work. Also, there's a thread about getting rid of marks (I think someone said to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser) Good Luck!:smile:
  4. thanks so much guys! i was totally flipping out!
  5. Use baby wipes.
  6. Yeah, Pencil eraser really works:yes:
  7. Did you get the marks out?
  8. Tink said a magic eraser works!
  9. I got most of it out with an eraser...I'm going out now to get baby wipes and/or a magic eraser. Thanks so much guys!
  10. USe baby wipes, I had this happen with my Lockit H, it was rubbing on the bottom of my winter jacket and got scuff marks along the bottom of the bag. the baby wipes helped but then I just turned hte bag upside down to tan the bottom so it would be hidden.

    Its liable to happen, i'm sure just the frition from the handles rubbing on your shirt :sad:
  11. I use magic eraser on mine. Good luck!!
  12. regular erasers has really helped me.
  13. OMG! I am so sorry... I know how excited you were about your new BV. I am glad you were able to get most of the color transfer cleaned up. I am sure you will get it back to looking brand new.

    Good Luck!!!
  14. Oh no! I hope you could get the stains out! :sweatdrop: