I Think Its Time To Upgrade What Do U Think?

  1. i bought a azur pochette and i am hoping to sell it for retail its in perfect condition and want to get a speedy 25 in azur

    do you think its a good idea?
  2. If you were to sell it, I highly doubt that you would get retail price for it. Though I think an upgrade is always good.
  3. I don't think you will sell it for retail $ but good luck.
  4. Nope, not retail. Great about getting an upgrade though.
  5. how much are they going for? resell?
  6. I agree, unlikely you would get retail. If someone is going to pay full price they want it from the boutique, as I am sure you would as well. eBay has a few @ 200.00. Good luck!
  7. I don't know if you will get retail for pochette. I think the upgrade would be great! I love the speedy 25 in azur.
  8. I highly doubt you could get retail, most likely ~70%. But I think upgrade is always good!!!
  9. Yes, upgrade!!!
  10. UPGRADE! Why don't you keep the pochette and use it as a make up bag like it is supposed to be used? I love matching accessories!
  11. I agree with the ladies - I highly doubt you'll get retail. But I love the azur speedy so a big yay for upgrading!
  12. While I think it is great you upgrade your bags, I don't think that you will recoup the retail price of your pochette. 75% of r.p. is already generous.
  13. For retail price I would buy directly from LV.
  14. nothing personal but I would never pay retail unless from the boutique. But you could get something towards your new bag.
  15. Yes, I think you should upgrade. Good Luck!!