i think its time to start looking for a hand held bag...in red possibly?

  1. i know i've always said, even in the last couple of days lol that i am not a hand holding bag kind of girl. but i started to notice that some of my habits if i dont use my burberry cross body would be to carry my bag on my arm.. and then when i got my mj tote i did the same thing throughout the store even when i was looking at the other bags. then lol i also started thinking ( i think i think i thought too much) about my sprouting bag collection and how to anchor it, i need bags for basic occassions, and i realized that a satchel kind of bag would be one of them. i probably wont have this till christmas i would think, but i need something to motivate me till then. any ideas, suggestions, thoughts lol?
  2. Red epi speedy ?
  3. :yes: This was the first thing that came to my mind!
  4. The red Novak is IMO stunning as well but its soooooo scratch prone
  5. red Epi Jasmin!
  6. Everyone is thinking epi. I say an epi speedy!
  7. i was just about to say a red epi 25 speedy.
  8. Red epi jasmin or red epi pont neuf (:heart: them both:girlsigh: )
  9. red balenciaga :yes:
  10. I'm an LV girl, but I LOOOOVE the grenat that balenciaga came out with.
    It's more of a burgundy, with blue undertones, which I find preferable in red bags, as opposed to bright, lipstick red.