I think it's so interesting that some of you girls...

  1. ...buy the same $1000+ handbag in a multiple of colors.

    What draws you to do that? Is it just that you love the bag so much that you want it to match a majority of your outfits? Is it that it's your "staple" bag or is it that it's just so functional you just want to make sure you have more than one when the first one doesn't look so hot?

    I guess I just never would think to buy the same bag. The same brand, absolutely, because sometimes you just become brand loyal without even thinking about it. But the same color - I would never even think!

    I see it A LOT with the Bal and Hermes girls but it looks like it is becoming more and more common. Thoughts?
  2. I have 3 Hermes. Basically because when I was younger, I was obsessed with Grace Kelly, and the whole "princess" look, so I had always wanted a hermes kelly bag. Also, because I love the style and elegance of the hermes bag, and that it will like never go out of fashion.

    And I have 6 speedys, but they aren't really $1000 + but I still love the bag.

  3. That is a good question, I am not one to buy the same bags in different colors. However, I don't have Bal Bags or Hermes. With that said, I can really understand why Bal gals would get the same bag in different colors...from the colors I have seen, they are just so lush and simply stunning. It seems each color puts a life of their own in the purse. Maybe if it was a more structured bag I would feel differently.
  4. I am trying to stop doing this . . . but am having a really hard time of it! I guess that there are so few bags that I think are "me" that when I find one, I want one in every color so that I have a bag to match everything. I have definitely gone Bal crazy, and am trying to cut back a bit and test out some other bags.
  5. I'm pretty fussy, design-wise, so on the rare occasion (and getting rarer, as the designers run out of good ideas!) that I like a bag enough to buy it, I will tend to buy it in more than one colour, if possible. :yes:
  6. I can't do it....not for me. Although I love my Speedy and feels like sometimes it needs a larger family (like the Damier or Mini Lin). But I can't do it. I'd rather get a different style bag in the color I want then two of the same bags in different colors.
  7. ^^I think this is it, for me. I'm not a follow-the-crowd, have to have the latest "IT" bag kind of girl, so when I find a style that seems like ME, I want to have it in more than one color so I can carry it everywhere. I just got two Chloe Ediths for this reason, one in deep red and one in ivory. They are the same style, but the colors make them very different bags.

  8. I've never bought two bags in different colors. I like variety, but less with color and more with styles. I can see how different colors make the same bag look totally different, but I've just never done that...yet. Never say never though!
  9. I have two Chanel classic flaps in pink and black. I love the look of the classic flaps. I wear pink for casual look and black for classy look. Also, my wardrobe consists of white, black, and pink. The two bags would go so well with everything I have.
  10. I do it in multiple colors with certain bags b/c I love the style (Chanel classic flap is one.) It is a timeless, elegant bag no matter what the color but obviously the fashion colors are more fun than something like black.

    Now, I'd never have say, mulitple monogram Speedys in different sizes b/c that is the same bag all around to me rather than a different color.

    In general, I do like variety but if the perfect color comes along, I won't pass it by just b/c I already own the bag in another color. Color makes all the difference.
  11. I'm guilty! LOL!!!
    I have 2 Chanel Cerf Totes - My Favorite bags ever! - NEED one Black and one Brown!
    I also have 3 Balenciaga City bags - Black, White and Blueberry -
    I guess I just love the style! I DID have a lot more but sold/returned them as for me, I could see where it could get out of control ....
  12. I would if I could! I would buy a Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in every color of the rainbow if I had the funds to do it. However, since my spending money is scarce, I like to "spread it around" and try to get as many different varieties of bags as I can, to build a more well-rounded collection on my limited budget.
  13. Guilty as charged ... I admit I do that with my Bbag twiggies and my LV speedies. There's just something about the design that I feel the need to own it in several colors. The design may be the same but the different colors just gives the bag a different vibe, KWIM?
  14. I haven't done this (yet!) but if it works for you, go for it!
  15. I don't know - in my mindset - I can't get myself to get such an expensive bag is so many colours - I can't seem to do it for the expensive bags - which is also why it is taking me forever to get a Bal bag because I want to get "the one" when there are so many pretty colours everywhere!

    With that said however, I do have so many duplicate styles for the Tokidoki bags that I collect - I have like 6 Buon Viaggios in different prints, and like 4 Campeggios in different prints - the styles are the same but the print makes the bag different. So I guess the same thing can be said for the bags in different colours - probably the colour really makes a huge difference....