I think it's about to happen, but I need ya'll's opinion.

  1. Ok....a while back I posted this long message about me being torn between two guys....I don't know if ya'll remember that or not. Their names were John-Mark (the ex) and Isaac.

    So on the 3rd of this month me and Isaac and John-Mark and like 13 or 14 other friends all got together to go see a movie. I get up the nerve to ask Isaac if he wants to ride with me and much to my surprise he says yes. The morning of the 3rd he calls (well texts) and asks me if it's alright for him to bring a "couple of friends" and if I wanted to ride with them. Of course I say yes. Well 6:30 rolls around and we meet at the "Huddle House." I switch from my car to his and see that he has brought a guy, Richard, and a girl, Emily....it's guys in front, girls in back....well we drive to town, laughing and hooting and just having a really fantastic time. Now, see, the whole time we're driving this nimrod guy that I haven't even met yet (well at that time), named Randy, keeps calling me and asking me where I'm at...how much longer till I get there....well he calls AGAIN, for the 5th time, not even joking, just as Isaac is pulling into the parking lot at the theatre and when I get off the phone he says "so who is this guy who keeps calling you?" And I tell him what his name is and that I've never even met him. And Isaac asks if I'm thinking about dating him. I tell him no...but that I think this is a friends attempt at trying to hook me up with someone. He asks me what he looks like. I tell him...tall, skinny, big head (according to pictures) and he says that he'll keep an eye out for him. I thought...huh. Ok.

    Anyway, Isaac lets me and Emily out at the front door then he and Rich go park the car (I'm DYING to know what they said in that time between us getting out and all of us reuniting in the lobby.) Me and Em go buy our tickets and wait on the guys...then as we're all going into the theatre Rich and Isaac decide to take a bathroom break and therefore we are all split up. I go on in and sit down in the theatre with a friend and just as the lights go out, Isaac and Rich walk in. My friend sitting next to me pokes me in the shoulder and says that Isaac is trying to get my attention....

    So after the movie is over and the lights are back up, Isaac looks like he's sort of lagging behind like waiting for me to catch up with him....and then once we're all in the lobby discussing where to eat...my god folks...you couldn't have slid a piece of paper between me and Isaac...I swear...

    So we go out to eat and the looks this boy gives me....stop traffic! In the midst of a story he reveals that he and Emily dated for a year in HS and that he'd actually bought an engagement ring for a girl but the day after that he realized he hated her....

    He opened all the doors...HE BOUGHT MY SUPPER....!

    That next Sunday at church in Sunday School he was sitting so close I could like hear him BLINKING! Any noise he made I could hear no matter how silent it was. He was so close and leaning towards me and pointed in my direction....after church we stood talking with a couple of friends, who were also at the movie, and (if I hadn't read about it in one of my body language things I would have thought NOTHING about it) I notice that our bodies are "overlapping" which is a standard "I love you, let me protect you" move.

    Everyone was treating us like boyfriend and girlfriend. People were calling my parents after church asking if Isaac and I were together. After 7 years of being hopelessly in love maybe something is about to happen.

    There's a lot more things that have happened between myself and Isaac that have lead me to believe that something romantic is headed our way but I just want to be sure....please help.
  2. oooh this sounds fun! sounds like you and isaac are headed for couple-dom!
  4. LOL no problem. it sounds like that from the story you told!
  5. There was a woman that wanted to give him a hug after church....she asked me if it was alright. How wonderful is THAT?!
  6. that's too cute! isn't it fun when there's flirtation going on? i LOVE that! i miss that with my boyfriend...:crybaby:
  7. Well it's fun but frusterating....I've been waiting for a good long while for something to happen and now that it is....it's driving me crazy waiting for like "The Big Boom" or whatever u wanna call it.
  8. it'll happen. just be patient... don't rush it, because the fun part doesn't last as long as it seems...
  9. Good advice. Definatly. Not to get into details, he's had a MAJOR life altering experiance in the last 2 weeks....maybe that has something to do with him FINALLY opening up to me.
  10. it always takes something life altering to make people realize what's important. he obviously realized that YOU are important! tee hee! lucky you!:smile:
  11. Awww :smile: yeah it truely does sound like something's gona happen soon ^^
    Just be patiant and it'll happen ;)
    Wishing you both the best of luck :heart:
  12. Didn't I remember you saying that there was a age difference between the two of you. How old are the both of you? This may be the problem that is holding things back. I don't think at 16 or 17 one is ready for a serious relationship where you can get your hopes up and heart broken. So all I can say is take it slow and don't let your heart get ahead of you. It is strange that he bought a engagement ring for a girl in HS after dating her one year and then decided he hated her. How does your ex fit in the picture?
  13. Ok. Yeah there is a 5 year age gap (making him 22 and me 17) but honestly it's no big deal at all. I fit in more with his group than I do my own. You'd just have to know me personally.

    I don't know the whole story but the girl we all went out with, Emily, and the girl he bought the engagement ring for are apparently 2 different girls.

    My ex fits into the picture because we all were out together in a very large group that night.

    I've already been in love once...I've had heartbreak. I can't be hurt that bad again, I won't let myself. I'm ready. I think he is too. He hasn't been with anybody since HS....
  14. Ditto everyone's responses! :tender:It seems like he's starting to really show you that he likes you!
  15. awwww...that's so cute..it sounds like he really likes you! good luck with that! :flowers: