i think it was lilac...

  1. Hey kids. Just a little story for the day. I was browsing in Saks today and wandered towards the bbags (of course) and an SA I've never seen approached me and was kind of annoyingly pressuring me to buy a bag. I knew the only way to get rid of him was to ask for something I knew he didn't have. So I told him I was looking for lilac. He brought me back a beautiful looking lilac first. Unfortunately it was only beautiful from far away. It was dry, the tassles were grossly flattened and the bag was yellowed at the handles. I asked him if this was a return or a model on the floor for some time. He looked at me like I was crazy and said that the leather is supposed to be that way, distressed. I couldn't believe he was trying to sell it to me like that. Granted 90% of me really really wanted to buy it. But $1000 bucks for a semi crummy looking bag! Am I crazy, is this bag hard to get? should I have bought it?? If it was a lilac city I'd be all over it no matter what. But I already have a first so that was how I talked myself out of it. Anyway, I'm done babbling, please share your thoughts, I trust you guys way more than any SA.
  2. I think you have done the right thing.... if its not something you are crazy about, dont get it.
  3. No, if it was yellowed and gross, I think you did the right thing by passing on it. YUCK!
  4. Oh, this reminds me of the time I saw an obviously used Ink Twiggy at Barneys. We're talking darkened, gross handles, and hardware with a worn-off finish that exposed shiny brass underneath - and yet there it was, proudly displayed among the other bags.

    I think SAs in department stores (as opposed to BalNY) don't know nearly as much about bags as we do - they only know that the bags are supposed to be "distressed" but are clueless as to what this actually means.

    Good for you for resisting! :tup: I assume it was Lilac 06, which isn't that hard to find - but one with nice leather may take longer to locate.
  5. Oh you're probably right, I forgot they were made in '06. I honestly was thinking, "They have an '04 sitting in the backroom?" lol.
  6. I saw a Griege Twiggy that had all of the tassels tied to it and was missing the dust bag. Plus lots of lovely scratches that they tried to tell me were "distressing". "Distressing" is not someone taking their fingernails and running them up and down a bag - HARD- which is what this looked like.
  7. Step away from the yellowing, dry bag. You did the right thing. If you purchased that bag today, you,would be back in a few days to return it. You'll find a perfect one. Just be patient.
  8. Noooo you def. made a good choice!

    Did he only have one? It was probably a leftover from o6 that nobody wanted b/c of the leather and yellowing..yech!