I think it took the slow boat

  1. Finally got my electric blue liquid patent Mave from Harrods in London. It took more than 2 weeks to arrive, and it's only about 250 miles away!!! When I get things sent over from the Choo boutique in London, it takes 2 days TOPS! I think Mr. Al Fayed must have put this bag on the back of pigeon and sent it on its way. Anyway not to brag, but It's GORGEOUS!! I absolutely adore the blue liquid patent. They really should re-release this color.

    She's a bugger to photograph though. It's really hard to show the wonderful stipple texture below the surface, though jburgh managed to capture it in her pics.

  2. oh bella!:drool: well worth the wait, i say! :tup:stunning! :love:
    please wear her int he best of health!:flowers:
  3. congrats on ur purchase! its gorgeous!
  4. I LOVE the Mave, and in that color, wow! :love:

    I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of her....she looks like she'll go with just about everything! :tup:
  5. Wow that's stunning. You guys are all making me so jealous!! Must buy some more Choo!!
  6. Congrats Bella! It's very lovely!
  7. Fabulous!!!
  8. Lovely, bella...just the right size for a pop of color bag!!!:woohoo:
  9. _bella_ - That did take a long time, but I'm glad your Mave made it safe and sound. It was hard to take pics of the color, but please add your pics to the referenece library in the Mave thread and blue color thread. I hope Choo makes some matching flats in that Neon blue suede.

    I have a Mave in the plum LP and it is really handy for trips to the theater or restaurant.
  10. I think I need a Mave too, LOL. Those liquids are so yummy:drool:. Congrats on the bag and your photographing/ photographer's skills, I suspect you make any bag look good.
  11. I love this size clutch for just that reason. :yes: I have one other Mave, but I'm discovering the Champagne shimmer is very hard to keep clean. I would LOVE some flats in Neon blue or the blue patent. There are a couple of styles of sandals in EB on sale, which might work, but no flats. :sad:
  12. Bella, it is absolutely worth the wait! Have you taken it out for a stroll yet?
  13. Bella your Mave is Fabulous :drool:

    I have to be honest with you, if look at it very closely and I bet you will find a watersnake scale on it somewhere :wtf:

    That being said, it had to have gotten shipped to Ohio, then to New York to be checked over by the Fish & Wildlife Customs Department and Then shipped to you in Amsterdam ;)

    At least that is my experience with any Jimmy Choo bag coming from London :cursing: