I think it may be a fake, help

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  1. I received my LV speedy 25 yesterday and now I’m concerned that it’s a fake. Because the guy I bought it from is no longer an eBay member that’s got to be a bad sign and it took forever to come might of had to come from out of country. I’ll feel like a complete fool if it’s a knockoff :cry: . It wasn’t inexpensive either. Here are a couple of photos. Can you tell me what I should be looking for in a genuine speedy?

    View attachment 5854

    View attachment 5855
  2. The stamp looks funny. Do you still have the link to the auction?
  3. It's fake. I'm sorry! :sad:

  4. Exactly, like it all one word right? Oh *&$#% I’ve been duped.
  5. Oh..sorry I think it's a fake....
  6. The leaf should look like this. The font on yours is ALL wrong. And the proportions of the leaf are off.

  7. Did you pay with paypal???? File a claim.
  8. Yes, do this and call your CC company to file a chargeback.
  9. :cry: Don't feel foolish! It's not your fault. Just see what you can do to get your money back. If you have doubts next time post the auction in the seller watch. Someone will be happy to help. Good luck!
  10. I’m so depressed; I’m going to turn this jerk into eBay, I sent a check and it’s cleared, should have use paypal. I’m going to eBay to see what I can do. Shed tears, weep, and snivel.
  11. Do you mind telling us what seller sold this to you so we can steer clear?

    Good luck!
  12. There is no question in my mind that the bag is a fake. In a polite yet stearn tone you should email the seller (always put everything in writing) and tell him or her that you want your money back under the fact that the bag was grossly misrepresented and that if you do not get your money back you will without hesitation report the individual to ebay and law enforcement. :evil:

    I hope everything works out for you. Keep us posted!
  13. I'm so sorry :sad: The stamp is fake, the O's were not as round. I hope you get your money back, so sorry again.
  14. I think its fake. im sorry.
  15. I agree with the ladies... the stamp is WAY off... I've been duped once before too and know what it feels like. Hope you do get your money back!!!