I Think I'm Way Too Picky

  1. I just bought the Pomme Zippy wallet & when I got home noticed it wasn't as perfect as I thought it was. I mean it doesn't have to 100% perfect but it kinda drives me crazy that the LV on the left is lighter & the one on the far right is much deeper. Not sure why I didn't notice it at the store but now when I look at it, I'm not happy with it, especially with it being on the front of the wallet.

    I went to Louis Vuitton & Neiman Marcus & all of them had good embossing on the front but the back just faded away to nothing. LV got one more in & that's when I went to go pick this one up. I may have to return this one or exchange it again when they get a new shipment.

    Anyone else have a Vernis & are picky about the embossing too :?:
  2. I'm not *too* picky about mine, but I prefer deep embossing.

    It sounds like it really bothers you, so I would DEFINITELY go exchange it! Perhaps let an SA know exactly what you're looking for so if they don't have the perfect Zippy for you on that day, you can tell them to look out for one for you.
  3. If you're not happy with it... definitely exchange it
  4. It seems that had been the problem with the Vernis lately. They get one shot at the embossing and it takes differently sometimes. I just had to get use to it
  5. Honestly, I barely ever look at the embossing on mine - it's the colour that makes it special to me so I don't care if it's deep or not.

    However, since it matters to you - don't settle, find one that's perfect for you ! :yes:
  6. If something bugs you, it's going to always bug you i think, it's best to return it and be happy with your purchase
  7. Exchange it if it bothers you. I also prefer deep embossing. I ordered my vernis zippy from elux and just crossed my finger. Luckily the embossing was perfect.
  8. given the cost you should be 100% happy with it!
  9. I completely agree... exchange it if you are not totally happy with it. You are not too picky IMO.
  10. It does not bother me too much whether the embossing is deeper or lighter. However it would bother the heck out of me if it is not uniform like you are describing, so yes! I would definitely exchange it. Like someone else said ~ just let your SA know what you prefer and he/she will keep an eye out!
  11. I should show you guys my train case in amarante....the embossing on that baby is all over the place.
    Front, back, top, all different depths of embossing. It's unique alright!
  12. Hehe that sounds unique in a good way though!

    I don't mind if it's light or all deep but having the left side differ from the right kinda annoys me so I'm going to return it. I'll just have to wait for the perfect one :shame:
  13. Cyndee, very funny! That is a lovely case though even with the uneven embossing.

    I agree with other posters, if it bothers you bring it back. You should adroe everything about it.
  14. i dun think u r picky...i do the same ot all LV stuff i buy:p...
  15. Well I just made a post about buying from Eluxury. Now I'm definitely going to return it to the store if it ends up being a decent wallet since I saved $50 :nuts: