i think i'm tired of my GST!! help! :(

  1. Hey everyone, i bought a GST a few months ago after obsessing over it for the longest time. my SA called me with the last one in the store, and i immediately bought it. i dont know why but i've only used it about 2 or 3 times, and i just don't know if i like it anymore. :wtf: i started to think it was annoying me after my 2nd time using it, because it was heavy and bulky, kind of like carrying a big box around. plus it doesn't stay on my shoulder very well. what do you guys think?? is this just a phase?? b/c i thought about selling my GST, but i can't part with it b/c at times i love how it looks...i can't decide!!
  2. your in the same boat as I. I bought it on pure Impulse. One of my bf's friends bought one and she showed me and I immediately thought " wow, thats matronly" then 6 months later, I buy one. At first I loved the fuctionality of it. The amount of stuff it can hold is amazing to say the least. I carry textbooks in mine at school and so far so good, But the other day I awoke thinking about how much disgust I felt for it LOL..I think if you dont like it then get rid of it. I think I am going to keep mine for schoool for the time being, its not an ugly bag, although it is boxy...I am falling for it all over again. Sorry nothing I said helped you!!
  3. Carry it for a few more weeks and see how you feel with it. Don't make any snap decisions. Sellers remorse is far worse than buyers remorse imo....
  4. You sound like you really dislike the bag- I say sell it and get something you love.
  5. This is so true! Give it a chance and then see how you feel about it. It is a great bag though!
  6. For me, the right outfit changes my feelings about the bag. I have the black/silver and with jeans and a t or sweater I wasn't really feeling the love. But last week I wore it out with a pair of shorts, cami, and wedge heels and not only received compliments on the bag, but also felt really good carrying it.

    Black bags don't do a lot for me usually so it takes the right outfit to make it shine.
  7. I agree with the ^ comments. Give her a chance :yes: . I was on the same boat as you are now and fortunately I didn't let go of the bag. GST can be annoying to carry because like you said the bag is kind of bulky/boxy but you're going to get used to it eventually. It's a pretty popular CHANEL piece, so yeah, give her a chance ;)
  8. Keep it!! It softens up over time, at least mine did!
  9. thank you all for the great advice! i'm going to try it with different outfits and see what happens from there.. and i'm sure it will also be useful for school, since it's so sturdy. :yes:
  10. I agree with the the ladies. Give it a chance and if you still don't like it then sell it.
    Just remember it will cost you a lot more to replace later on.
  11. I would give it a little more time. It does soften up after using it more frequently. If you're not feeling it, then sell it.
  12. i'm in the same boat as you! i just got the black s/h GST after yearning and waiting for it for SO long, now that i have it, i find that it's not as large as i thought it was. i seem to fit all my stuff in it, but with no spare room...it's also very boxy and not very comfortable to carry...while one strap seems to always fall off my shoulder :sad: also, when it falls over, all my stuff spills out everywhere! what to do, what to do :shrugs:
  13. A little more time, let say, 2 weeks. If you still don't like it, let it go. It's not yours then.
  14. luxegirl, i know what you mean about everything spilling out! i'm always checking to see if i'm missing anything, in cause anything has fallen out!! i guess i'm just paranoid :p hopefully, i'll change my mind, because after all, it IS a classic piece and i can use it for many many years.

    i think i'll give it some more time, and with the right outfits my mind will probably change...hopefully!
  15. give it a little more time? at least until u're fall in love with anotehr bag & decided to get rid of this LOL