I think I'm taking bag my Rivete in ivory..

  1. After contemplating about it for 2 weeks, I've decided to take it back later today. It's kinda sad because I like it.. but I can't justify the cost.
    It seems like not a popular bag anyway so if I decide to sell it later on, it won't worth as much....
    Oh well.. back to my everlasting search for the perfect white bag...

    BTW, is it unethical if I don't return the box with the bag? I want to keep the LV box =P
  2. well, they don't always give you a box with purchase, as long as you bring it back with receipt in perfect condition, maybe maybe!
  3. Hey if you don't like the bag, better to take it back now than having it sit in your closet. As for the box, I don't think they will want it back as long as the bag is in its dustbag.
  4. r, sorry to hear that but I think its a good choice to return it! i dont think it will be a classic and it will date really quick as well because it is soo obviously from a season, if you know what I mean!!!
    keep searching, something will come up! x
  5. I personally like the bag (I guess I'm in the minority)but I do feel it's a bit overpriced. If you have doubts, bring it back. If you're not super excited about a purchase,it's not worth keeping.
  6. Well, it's better to be safe than sorry.
  7. I like the bag too..BUT The price is too high for me!
  8. I absolutely love that bag too, it's so gorgeous, but I too cannot justify the cost. It is way out of my budget. Just take it bag and get yourself something that you really love! :yes:
  9. There is nothing wrong with returning your purchase, we don't want someone to get in debt b/c of this board....it can seem overwhelming with people buying LV's all the time to feel the urge to buy...but if you can't justify the cost - return it! Get something more economical, something you won't feel guilty about owning!
  10. I haven't even seen pictures of this bag :s... no matter how much we love something at times rationale thought must factor into the equation.

    we will be here as you go through withdrawal
  11. I love that bag too...but the price is too high!

    Wait until the Ivory Epi comes out, surely there will be a style you like that will be made in that colour! :yes:
  12. It's really gorgeous. But return it if it's not THE ONE for you and you don't get that tingling feeling. Oh, that's just me? Ok, right.
  13. Better to return before you run out of time. Especially since you have doubts about the price and it's very pricey!
  14. what is the Rivete bag?
  15. i quite like the rivete but not keen on the price.

    I have yet to see it IRL in Sydney though

    Rishin.. heres the ad for the Rivete Bag with Scarlett Johanssen