I think I'm returning my Magenta Laced Ergo...

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  1. I have been using her for a few days and I just don't think she's for me. The main thing is that it doesn't fit over my shoulder very well even without a coat. Also, I do love the kisslock in the middle but I'm not thrilled about the button closures on the other 2 sections. It is sad because the laced is SO beautiful, with the little bow and the Magenta color. And even though it was a steal for $160 I still need to love it. KWIM. :sad::sad::sad:
  2. That's too bad...not sure the SA's will take her back unless there's a defect.
  3. Have you actually taken the tags off or just put your things in her and carried the bag around the house?
  4. I've carried her around the house but the tags are off, I still have them though. I've never had any problems with the outlet returning things before and I have my receipt.
  5. I am sorry you are not loving your Ergo. I do think you should probably sell it on the 'bay or something rather than return it since you said you have used it for a few days. No one wants to buy someone elses used bag if it is suppsed to be new, discounted or not. :nogood:
  6. That's too bad. I love the look of these bags but they are just too big for me!

    How is it that you can return something without the tags attached? Can/Do others do this as well?
  7. ^^ The outside of the bag is deceiving. It actually carries less than the small Sabrina. The measurements on the ergo satchel equal 558 sq in. while the small Sabrina is 702.
  8. ITA :yes:
  9. I think I may have not explained myself right. When I say I've used it for a few days I don't mean it left the house, I mean I've put my things in it and carried it around to see if I liked it. But yes, when I first got home I was excited about it and took the tags off.
  10. I got this bag in putty. I carried it around the house (tags on) and "tried" those darned snaps. I do think it's cute, but those snaps bothered me. They were difficult to snap in the first place w/out contorting myself :P and I wasn't wild enough about the style to pay over 200 for it. Now that they are marked down again, I might be interested, but bought the Barrett and Mahogany ergo convertible tote, so not sure I can get rid of something to make room for that. I like my other two newbies better.
  11. I think you just caught some of us off guard when you said you were thinking of returning it even though you have "used" it. I just imagine buying a bag I thought was new from the store and taking it home and finding cracker crumbs in it or something :P As long as you haven't actually used it and your outlet will take it back without tags attatched (I'm not too sure mine will even though I haven't tried it), then I say if you aren't loving it, let it go!
  12. I always try my things in a bag I'm interested in at the store. Ask the SA and they gladly will set you up someplace and let you see if your things will fit in it. Then you can also try it on and see if it will work. Saves alot of hassle to take it home and have to return it. They'd rather you do it there also.
  13. Jeh3v, speaking of crumbs, I bought a mini sig travel tote from daBay and IT HAD COOKIE CRUMBS INSIDE THE POCKETS!!!! I realize it was "previously owned/used" but FOOD?!?!?!?! It was beyond disgusting; I wrote "pretty clean" in the feedback, b/c I didn't want to bust her out in front of other buyers for future transactions (and she had a cow anyway), but duuuuuude, Y U C K ! :sick:
  14. ^^ I bought a buckle bag off ebay this summer and the seller left her used comb in it. Ewwwwww!!! It was beyond gross.
  15. I ended up selling my orange ergo satchel even though I loved the way the bag looked.. and the color was awesome! I had the same complaints as you.. it never felt right on my shoulder. I think you should return your bag if you aren't 100% in love with it.