I think I'm ready for the plunge! What to get?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new on the CL subforum but I've been lurking and admiring everyone's beautiful shoes! I'm starting to look around for my first pair, though I haven't tried any yet. I've decided to get a pair since it's looking more and more like I'm not getting my LV miroir heart!

    Anyway, what do you recommend? I like the look of the Yoyos best so far, because I love peeptoes. I love slingbacks as well. I like how the VPs look but I am concerned about the heel height. I love stilletos but hardly ever wear them anymore and have never owned a pair 4+ inches in height before. But I want to get back into sexy shoes again after wearing ballerina flats for the last year.

    I hear the Simples are comfy but I prefer the look of a pointed toe.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! TIA to you lovely ladies!:heart:
  2. You should try the VP's or NP's. IMO, they don't feel too high because of the platform. Might I add, they are very sexy on the feet.
  3. Have you checked out the Architek? I tried them on the other day in black :love: It's a stunning shoe, and actually comfortable. I wore them for quite a bit around Saks to check out the comfort level and I was surprised! They are also available in nude.

  4. yeah i am pretty sure the architek will be my first CL. hopefully before april i can afford it! (still need to pay for my 425quid bag)
  5. I think the VP's or the archi... are good ideas. I really love my VP's they are way more comfy than you can imagine way easier to wear than the 110 yoyo's I did spend a whole day shopping mall etc, without having a problem.
  6. Wow! You wore them shopping for a whole day? That's really amazing. You must've looked HAWT struttin your stuff! I must try them now. I want to be able to wear them not just for fancy dinners and parties.
  7. yeah i walk at least a mile each day to and from the train station (not to mentions tanding on the train if i can't get a seat) so i need some COMFY heels :smile:
  8. I was just checking out the VPs and I love them! I have to go and try them now! Another problem is that my city is quite limited in terms of styles but hopefully they will have some!
  9. The VP's and the Architeks are very comfortable given the heel height. They are more comfortable than some of my lower non-CL heels.
  10. I've decided I am definitely going to check out the VPs, probably in black. I will start with the classics first, then go from there.
  11. Is there another slingback model besides the architect? Like the poster of this thread, I am too looking for my first pair and I heard great things from a Lucky magazine editor who swears by her CL slingbacks in black.
  12. As for sling-backs have you tried the Horatio-Sling? It's really sexy and very comfy.
  13. Ooh so many great suggestions! Thanks so much!
  14. OT, but I LOVE your picture....I have to get one of my bunnies posing by my LV's :smile:
  15. OMG I want to see them!