I think I'm ready for a hair change~

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  1. But I need to preface that I've worn my hair the same way for about 12 years. It's long (has some really long layers in it), but 99.9% of the time I wear it up on a bun and basically never deal with it. It's to my waist and looks a lot like this gal's hair.

    I'm 39 years old, sahm currently and I'm just ready for a change. I don't want to go too short and would still probably like to keep the front off my face (I can't stand hair on my face), but I have no idea what direction to go.

    Something I have now that I didn't have 12 years ago is pretty wavy hair (it used to be straight). It's also thick.

    I love my long hair and DH loves it, but we never SEE it because it's always up because I don't like messing with it and it gets in the way.

    Last consideration is that I'm overweight, so I have a round face so a bun is probably not my best look!

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  2. How about a major trim, maybe bra length. Then add some long layers, starting at the chin or even shoulders... And have it thinned a bit, this way wearing it down might be easier for you and still look styled.
  3. Long layers will work wonders for you. :tup:
  4. That's what I do (besides thinning it) every couple years. I let it grow and then donate to locks of love. They cut 11-12 inches, layer it a bit and then I let it grow again.

    I'm not sure I want to thin it as I like the thickness of it,but which length is dificult. With my big chest and being overweight, I don't have much of a neck, so at my shoulders is probably a bad choice.

    I'm too scared to go short, plus I think my husband would never forgive me.
  5. I have keind of a round face too and i recently cut my hair collarbone lengh. I really love it and it's finally light enough to wear it down. I think it would look nice with curls you get keind of a longer christina applegate look from samantha who?. My BF didn't want me to cut my hairr but now he likes this more, men are weird you now
  6. I agree 100%- or even to just past the shoulders. I know you have length concerns, but losing some of the weight of the hair would probably open up your face.

    I have thick wavy hair but the strands are fine, if that makes sense. Anyway, I do thin my hair w/ a razor when I get it cut. It makes life so much easier. You can't tell it is thinned b/c it is done on the underside, but it is easier to deal with and does not knot.

    I like the idea of face framing layers too. Even though you are reluctant to lose length, I bet it would really brighten you up and probably make you look even younger too!
  7. Keep some length so you can still put your hair up and it won't be as huge a shock to you. Then, if you want, you can go shorter or add more layers. Hair is so emotional for us...but on the other hand, IT GROWS, LOL.

    I agree to first take it to chest/bra length with some layering to really make it swing and frame your face (and why not donate that initial cut to locks of love as you currently do, right on!).

    I have a round face myself (and ruddy cheeks) and for me just pulling my hair back in a bun is not a good look for me; I need swingy, long layers for movement which helps. If I have hair around my face with long bangs I can have loose or tuck behind my ear it's so much better.
  8. how about right below where your bra hook is? it's shorter and a good change but still long enough so that you can do things with it