I think I'm paranoid

  1. Ladies...............I feel this is something that should be brought to everyones attention - IF I'm right.

    I have a feeling Haley's Couture is back to haunt us under the new name of


    If anyone bought 'Handbag of the Fabulous' there is a photo on page 6 which is the same photo shoot as the photos in the eBay listing below

    eBay: BLUE JEAN FABULOUS TOGO HERMES BIRKIN - PRE-OWNED, MINT (item 220039463245 end time Oct-22-06 11:28:26 PDT)

    The fraud seems to be back:cursing:
    The contact details of seller are as follows
    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]High Maintenance
    Wellington, FL 33414 United States

    (305) 733-3333

    Please will you check and let me know what you think
  2. O gad! I have a feeling you are right!!!!
  3. Sure sounds familiar to me...
  4. I'm going to be in Wellington this winter and boy am I gonna keep my eye out for fakos and these schemers too while I'm at it.
  5. uh-oh
  6. What bad news! I hope someone can put this on the Hermes Shopping thread to serve as a warning to other members who are not (yet) familiar with these scammers. I wish there can be a ticker tape that runs across the screen all day and night!
  7. Love that ticker tape idea, Mrssparkles.....that Haley's woman is like a bad penny. Keeps popping up!!!!!!
  8. When I tried the link the listing came up but not the pictures. Any point in reporting this to e-Bay?
  9. I just looked at the bag and since I've been studying Hermes like a law student studying for her BAR exam, I tried testing my education by examing this bag and everything looks good except is it just me or does the font on the hardware look off? I'm only playing devil's advocate because I want to know if there are other tell-tale signs I'm missing because if this really is that fraudulent woman then I'm more than sure it's a fake bag. Plus, that price for a brand new bag is silly.:confused1:
  10. Ok, forget I said anything. It's described as "pre-owned". There's something about the font on the strap hardware and the handles, however...
  11. I'm no expert but to me the stitching looks a bit sloppy too.
  12. Oh No!!!
  13. When you look at her feedback, only 4 are left from buyers who probably all bought her guidebook... and the rest of the feedback is left from sellers, and you see that she's bought books about powerselling on ebay :confused1: and cooking....
  14. I think you are right!!
  15. I think the Hermes stamp looks odd too. the Made in France looks like it is coming off....
    I cannot believe that Ebay would allow people to commit fraud and then just register under another name...