I think i'm in love....

  1. With tho bag:


    It definitely made my wish list. :smile:
  2. Very nice. I think the colour is gorgeous which will look perfect for evenings as well as day.

    There are a few sizes of the Emily, do you know which size this is?
  3. Wow i have never seen this stlye before. how much is this baby? That would be a great classic bag for going out.
  4. From what I see on the Gucci website, it is $1200.
  5. It was on sale at BG 2-3days ago. It's long gone now. Maybe should try Neiman Marcus, they still have some on sale.
  6. wow, absolutely good looking. Including the ivory, what else colors it has pls?
  7. Such a nice bag!!!

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  8. So lady-like. Gorgeous!