I think I'm in LOVE!

  1. Hi ladies-

    I frequent a few other sections on this board, but have never posted in this one.

    Even though it's not spring yet like a true addict, I have already bought two spring bags...both Coach and both signature.

    I am still searching for an all leather bag for spring/summer, but nothing at Coach or MK which are two of my staples were standing out. I like Bbags but can't afford one. Then I stumbled in here and I think I am in LOVE.

    I love RM's style and there are nice colors too! And the prices for all leather a pretty reasonable.

    What's a good starter bag? Something not TOO big...but not really small either. Something I could use day or night.
  2. Sounds like the job for a Morning After Mini! Definitely not a small bag, but it's not overwhelmingly big. It fits on the shoulder (although you may have trouble if you've got a heavy jacket on) and it can handle just about anything you throw in there. Definitely a bag that gets alot of compliments too. Good luck finding your perfect RM!
  3. ^ I agree with momo.chan, I think the MAM is great for color choices and practicality. If you prefer a hobo style, the Mini Nikki would be a good choice as well.
  4. yep....I'd have to agree. Start with a MAM and see how the size works for you.

    Welcome btw!!!
  5. I am browsing around some of the sites. I do like the look/size of the morning after mini.

    I have some time to decide on a color, I am probably not ordering until next month.

    What are the best online / in person places to shop for these? I've been so obsessed with other brands that I have never paid attention.
  6. Definitely MAM!!! It was my first (and definitely not last!)

    *bay is usually pretty good b/c I don't think they make RM fakes yet? (someone correct me if I am wrong) and the prices are generally 60% of retail, and bags are in good condition.
    If you look at the deals and steals thread, there are a lot of websites that sell RM at a discount.

    You're gonna love it!