i think i'm in love....

  1. Hi ladies...

    As I am new to the world of Chanel, I wondered into Chanel in Bloomingdale's earlier this afternoon as I've found something breath-taking.....

    I'm not sure what the name of it is..... but the SA told me it's from the F/W07. It's a large flap, but not the classic flap as it has 2 flaps.... It is in an off white color...

    I wasn't sure if the bag can endure my abuse so I didn't get it....

    Does anyone know which bag I'm talking about, as I need as much comments and suggestions as I can possibly get before I make another trip to the store to pick it up.

    Style number is 07A A36449 Y04683

    .... anything comment will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Oh I love it when we go into a store and find a bag we adore. When you say it has two flaps, do you mean that you open the first outside flap, and inside the bag there is another flap to open? If so then it does sound like its the med/large flap bag, or do you mean it is as large as the jumbo size with a double flap???

    Im intrigued now hee hee ;)
  3. Is it a 07 reissue?
  4. two flaps on the front? what kind of closure? sounds like the bag that habanerita recently got :love:

    let me try to find the thread...
  5. Is it look like envelope style?
  6. It could also be the envelope in off white?:heart:H
  7. You are going to keep thinking about it...go get it for sure!
  8. ok, let me try to make myself more clear... heeehee

    it's pretty structured in shape, it was in an off white color like beige (it also comes in black but apparently it's sold out)

    it has a flap on the outside that is quilted like the rest of the bag with the twist closure, then there's another flap on the inside you can open but this flap is smooth leather with snap closure.... it's probably comparable to the jumbo in size...

    but it's not the bag habanerita recently purchase... although that is a beauty too~

    if i can remember correctly, the tag just say white flap bag..... ???!!!! oh wait... i remembered the SA said something about envelop.... but i wasn't really listening to her cus i was admiring the bag itself

    well, i'm making a date with a friend sometimes soon to make another trip to south coast plaza.... if it's still there then, i'm definitely gonna get it and i'll post then!!!

    thanks ladies!
  9. it sounds like the envelope flap that i've got...

  10. could you lease show me a picture? thanks in advance!!!
  11. ahh i'm stumped!! i hope you get it, i cant wait to see what this lovely bag is!
  12. this ? but in off white?

  13. ding ding ding ding
    we have a winner!!!!

    this is the bag (in off-white) that caught my almost blind eyes!!!!!

    i hope it'll still be there when i go next monday....
  14. how many sizes do this bag come in?