I think I'm in love.

  1. On page 15 of the newest Neiman Marcus catalog (catalogue code on the back says F807 - don't know if that's useful or not), I just fell in love with the Timeless wallet-on-a-chain shoulder bag. It's everything I like - the subtle CC, the silver hardware, and the light metallic sheen to the black leather.

    Unfortunately, I cannot scan it at the moment.

    I'm pretty sure at least someone else has this. How big is it? How much can it hold?
  2. Is this the one you are talking about????
  3. ^^Oh, that is fantastic! Does it say how long the chain is?
  4. That's gorgeous!
  5. Exactly it :drool:

    Unfortunately, the catalog says nothing about the bag's dimensions. I've only used the shoe (assuming it's a size 6.5 or 7) as a size reference:p
  6. that is so cute, it's the perfect little bag to go out in!
  7. That's the bag I'm currently hunting down! It's the metallic black wallet-on-a-chain.

    I'm dying to get my hands on one to use it as my "clubbing" bag. :yes:

    Has anyone seen it lately? I only like the wallet on chain with the CC closure not the reissue closure.
  8. Anyone have the catalog code?

  9. looks like 'the' perfect clubbing purse!! :drool:

    OP- i'm with you.. i think i'm in love too :love:
  10. I'm such a dunce, the OP says the catalogue code in her first post lol...
  11. [​IMG]

    Courtesy of the reference library. :yes:

    The first two pics are of the reissue closure, but it's the same size.
  12. Any idea on the price?? Looks fantastic! I also want one of those, maybe I could track one down for my Bday next month!
  13. the colour is really stunning, its different *in a beautiful way, of course* and the size surely is perfect as 'going out - hands free - dance all night long' type of bag ;)

    good luck on finding one everyone :heart:
  14. $1,325. :yes:
  15. It's beautiful. It looks a good size too. Not too small. I always thought the wallet on chain were very small.