i think i'm in love

  1. :p ....it all started when i turned 21. my stepmom sent me a black signature soho wristlet. then my other love said i could get one for my birthday. i was hoping for a new one, but we've got a little one (rorion, 19 months) so i settled for used...and i found a beauty on craigslist for a bargain!!! i don't know the name, but here's a pic -- can ya'll help me out?? anyway, i got it for $100!! it also came with a mini skinny...

    so i am declaring it now, for all the world to see --

    I AM IN LOVE :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    sorry, i just HAD to brag & ya'll are the only girls who give a hoot as much as me!!

    tell me what you think of my little "for starters" :yahoo:

    :tup: OR :tdown: ?????????
  2. They are very prettyand don't look used at all. Congradulations and Happy Birthday!
  3. THANKS!!!

    the wristlet is brand new & the purse & skinny are used...
  4. Gorgeous collection!! They look like new!
  5. :yes:Very cute!! CONGRATS!!!!! Enjoy.