I think I'm in LOVE...

  1. I saw this bag at Bluefly.com and I think its might be my other fav only second to the zucca spy...both of which I will never be able to afford :s
  2. omg, yes i was just looking at that too! that is a REALLY good price...i'm thinking save up for that instead of the lv mono speedy 30???

    nobody i know has a fendi spy and i would kill for that bag!!!!

    so should i get this after i return my fake and save up?
  3. love the color.
  4. I vote for the spy over the speedy. :tup:
  5. ahhhhhh....i have the spy on my laptops wallpaper...i'll ask the hubby since he is going to help me pay for it, he sorta likes the speedy...so i'll see!
  6. ahhh this is the denim that I'm in love with too. I haven't gotten it yet (1515$ no tax/free ship@ joma) because as much as I love the look I don't think I'll like the denim. I was even going to buy it just to try it out for a day (not try "out" rather "in the house") but I spent that money. I love the zucca/nappa one as well ($885), I've kept both in my shopping cart and I keep starting at them. I would go for the zucca/nappa spy, I have a speedy 30 and love it, it costs lower than the spy and will be there for you whenever you want it. This is a great chance to get the spy since it's so low priced! The tortuga handles are also really nice, I tried this bag out in the store its amazing. :tup:
  7. oh yeah, and I noticed you said bluefly for the squirrel, I was eyeballing that too but they have the same thing at joma for 1515 (as I mentioned in the post above) so that's a crazy good deal. I can't believe I'm not getting it now. You better get one of them!!!:girlsigh:
  8. i'm thinking about it big time....i told my sister in law that i might get the spy and she was trying to talk me out of it, i think shes just jealous(who wouldn't be) that shes not going to get one and i possibly could. the price seems like alot, but when compaired with retail, its a friggin steal!

    i also talked to my mom about it and she told me to let Saks give me the credit and go buy something in cleveland....not to mention if i go there i'll get $$$ in my pocket and be able to get what i want...

    the spy IS only $200something more than the LV and would be a better deal right?
  9. yeah..the zucca IS only 200 more so definitely- its a steal!
  10. my hubby likes it better than the speedy, so i'm thinking the spy is a yes.... woo hoo....how long do you think jomashop is going to have that price????
  11. that zucca spy is tdf!

    way better than a speedy, imho.
  12. I don't know how long Daloo..I'm worried about that too. Usually sales last a few days to maybe a little over a week. Or until they run out.
  13. ahhh, my credit card better get ready then!!! so I'm getting back about $350 on my card, sooooo I'm going to charge...$535 on my crdit card???

    ouch!!! dammit, i have to sell my coach bags!
  14. Hahaha, I'm all about the replacements. I got back about $190 for the alleged Fendi, and I bought a Tumi bag on the way out at Last Call. When I came home, DH asked how much the Tumi bag was, and I cheerfully said "less than the refund from Off 5th." :rolleyes: