I think I'm in LOVE

  1. My very first Paddy arrived today!!! :love:

    Just a question for all you owners, did you use any leather protector/spray/etc. the first time around??

    AHHH the smell of the leather is DELICIOUS, I think it's actually making me high LOL *dizzy*

  2. Is it black? I LOVE it;it looks so sumptuous!!!

    I sprayed mine (and still regularly do) with a normal leather protectant spray. It has had no effect on the colour of the bag,has left no marks and a year later my tan bag is still spotless.
  3. Yes it's Black, thought I needed a classic color for such a classic bag ;)
  4. ohhh it looks nice and soft
  5. Congrats!
  6. Beautiful paddy!!! Enjoy!!
  7. Congrats on your purchase!
  8. Congrats! And yes these bags smell heavenly ! mmmmmm :nuts:
  9. Lovely bag; congrats! :biggrin:

    I think I also said this in another thread, so apologies if I'm repeating myself! :shame:

    I don't really agree with leather sprays - they affect the gorgeous smell and if you're anything like me, may lure you into a false sense of security, whilst not really increasing your bag's resistance to stains, significantly.

    I never spray my bags and although I'm reasonably careful, apart from one, which unfortunately had the best part of a glass of white wine spilt on it :Push: ; they have all been fine, so far (even in the rain)!

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  10. OMG! First time seeing the black... it's GORGEOUS!!! I actually did spray and condition my paddy... don't know if it made a difference or not but I had just bought all that leather care stuff so tried it out anyways. (I NEVER used to do anything to my bags before I found this forum though. ;))
  11. I don't spray. Welcome to the wonderful world of Paddys! Congrats.
  12. GASP!!!!

    I've never seen a Paddy in black before--it's incredibly beautiful!!!!


    I always treat my bags before I use them. They're such big investments, I feel they deserve a fighting chance against the elements and accidents. I just spray them with the best leather spray I can get. It might affect the smell, but I don't think it has with mine. There are some leather care creams that smell really good, and compliment the leather's smell. That's what I used on my Chloe bag.
  13. Thanks everyone! I honestly felt like a little kid on Christmas morning today :shame:

    Okay, so I think I might give her a one-time spray just for peace of mind. What are some good brands of leather protectors to use? I was reading about that Shining Monkey stuff for car interiors in another thread... worth the purchase?
  14. Congrats on your gorgeous new Paddy! Love the black. I love all the Paddy colors! I don't spray mine either...I have conditioned it though...
  15. Congratulations, the black is beautiful! And a classic colour for every season, a very good choice!
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