I think I'm in love! new purchase!

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  1. So after hearing and SEEING everything people found at TJ max, I made a run to the local tj max (22 miles away!)...

    here's what I got!

    I LOVE IT.

    Can anyone tell me what line/season/year and item # this is?

  2. wow, someone on here got this recently, I remember seeing the pic. I think it is fairly recent.
  3. I can't get over how much I love it.

    It's so FREAKING cute.
  4. It is really cute ! Perfect for spring and summer too !
  5. I have this!! You have no idea what you just scored!! Its the limited edition hamptons lavander sig. stripe tote. Only 300 were made!!! Congrats!!!
  6. Wow I love that bag , Why does my TJ Maxx never have anything this good ?
  7. That is cute, I love the pop of lilac. It's so spring-y. I do think it's fairly recent, maybe about a year old or so...but I'm not sure. Anyway I'm shocked that you found that at TJ Maxx, nice!!
  8. holy sh*t kimmie! I got it for 151.99!
  9. Its only about 3 months old.
  10. My jaw just so seriously dropped........great find!!
  11. I remember seeing this and wanting it but I had no idea it was limited edition!
  12. wow!!! i always admired that bag...congrats!
  13. Yeah, I thought that at first but then I thought no, it couldn't be! Ha, my first instincts were right!
  14. Super pretty! Congrats!:tup:
  15. I love that bag! The purple is soo pretty and perfect for the spring and summer! How much did you get it for?