I think I'm gonna do it (I think)

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  1. So I posted earlier in the week about a Large Chanel 3 purse. I love the 3 compartments in this very roomy bag. I already own a caviar Jumbo Flap, but it's not large enough to accommodate my daily necessities.

    So...being that I'm very new to the Purse Forum, I am very excited to post my very first reveal when I bring my 2nd Chanel home . . . Stay tuned!! I'm so excited and I'm glad I can share my excitement with people who love the things I do :yahoo:
  2. horaaaayyyy... i cant wait for your reveals
  3. yayy :woohoo:
    can't wait to see your reveal! :biggrin:
  4. cant wait!!!!
  5. Can't wait to see!
  6. I've been wanting one of these myself. Can't wait to see your pictures!
  7. let's see it!
  8. cant wait to see your reveal...