i think im gona buy it.......thoughts on galliera!?

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Mar 21, 2009
hi again everyone!

so i have an opportunity to buy a pre-loved monogram galliera, pm size. that is practically brand new!! purchased last month!!:nuts: so i really dont want to miss out on this deal. but the owner stored the bag in sort of an awkward way so now there are a few wrinkles or folds i guess on the canvas in just some areas. 1.) im wondering do these types of things come out eventually as u wear it? sort of like how the speedy has weird folds when u first buy it but then it eventually comes out.

2.) also and most importantly, the bag has no sag yet but at the bottom of the bag (where the base is) both sides sort of sag over the base - nothing drastic at all but a little bit. sort of like a muffin top ( or bottom i should say) kwim? i hope this make sense! so im wondering will this also even-out with wear? or will these sagging sides just keep getting worse and the bag will look strange after.

3.) how did your gallieras look when you purchased them? where the sides haning a little? is this normal on all gallieras? did u notice things like this? my friend said its perfectly normal and even if you buy in a store they all look like that and have folds at the bottom.

appreciate all your opinions everyone!
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Jul 5, 2007
The Galliera is great!

One word of warning though: if you're anal retentive about keeping the vachetta clean, the brass rings on the handles will leave small rubbing marks. It's just something you have to be prepared to live with, or you will drive yourself crazy trying to clean it.
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