I think I'm going to get my 1st negative feedback.....

  1. Hello...I really need some opinions on this.

    I sold a large LV box over a week ago.

    In my description, I said that I will be wrapping it in brown paper when mailing out, and the winner then contacts me right after the auction ends and asks me if I am putting it in another box. I told her no that I don't have a box to accommodate it. She asked me if I was sending it Priority Mail and if I was--then to put it in 1 of the flat rate free boxes. I told her that it won't fit and she told me its fine with it.

    Now, she receives it and tells me that its all jammed up and wants a FULL refund including shipping. ( It cost me $7.50 to send via PRIORITY).

    What am I suppose to do?

    In my description I said I was going to wrap it with brown paper and also mentioned that all sales were final.

    I know that if I was in her shoes I would be unhappy too but asking for a full refund PLUS $ to pay to ship it BACK to me is a little ridiculous. Besides, what the heck would I want to do with the box if I planned on selling it?


    All this for a box......
  2. I have purchased a few boxes from eBay and they have always come inside of another box. It really should have been sent inside of another box. I am sure the box got banged around a lot in transit. Buyer should receive item as pictured in auction. If it gets damaged and insurance was purchased, then file a claim with the post office. If no insurance purchased, then it really is the sellers responsibility to properly package and ship item. I would offer refund minus shipping. Sorry this happened to you.
  3. Silly me not to go out my way to find a box to put it in. It was my first time selling a box and I thought it SHOULD be okay.

    Next time I'll be sure to put in another box.

    As for refund, although I said all sales final, in this case I think the fairest thing should be just to refund the amount the bid was...and not shipping too.

    Gawd, now that eBay has that new detailed feedback options...my stars are gonna go down!!!!
  4. She may not give you a negative if you refund her quickly. Good luck!
  5. ^^ Yeah you might just have a neutral if you refund her fairly quickly.
  6. I personnally would of put it in another box or some protective wrapping (but what is done is done :sad: Always make your refund policy clear stating it is the buyers responsibillity to pay return shipping and before you refund ask her to email pictures because she may not be telling you the whole story. Good luck

  7. She actually did ask me for my email so she can send me pics of the damaged box to verify.
  8. IMHO you should refund her everything, including the shipping. She tried very hard to get you to ship it so it would not get damaged. At this point, she must be quite frustrated with you. If you think about all the times a shipping box gets dented in shipping, that's what would have been reasonable to expect would happen to yours. Paper wrapping protects against scratches but not collapsing or dents. In situations of damage, it doesn't matter if you said in your auction how you will be packaging the item. It is the seller's responsibility to package reasonably well to protect against damage.

    And then chalk it all up to learning. I've made mistakes as a seller and that's what I tell myself!
  9. If you refund, then there is no reason to leave negative feedback. maybe you can discuss this with the buyer. I have seen people put Positive feedback stating refund given. That would be what I would do.
  10. I think you should pay her shipping back - it was your fault you didn't wrap it up properly, not hers, so why on earth should she pay to return it? I expect the deal would have gone through if the box had arrived safely, and it's not like she's returning it because of some other reason that is her fault alone, like changing her mind. If you had taken all due care with it, placed it in another box and and it then was still bashed up, then I'd say she could pay return, as it's neither of your fault.

    Did you send it insured? If so, when it returns (probably even more banged up!) you could claim the damage on insurance. Just make sure the return postage is insured too. Or if you didn't send it insured, get it returned insured, and you can claim the damage from that trip.

    I'm sorry this happened, but I've learnt the hard way too not to place too much trust in the postal services! :sad:

  11. No I didn't send it insured--just via priority + d.c.

    That sounds like a clever idea.So I should ask her to send it back insured ( how much valued?) and when it arrives, I should go file a claim on it? ( Am I suppose to let her know what I plan to do upon it arriving back?)
  12. Put the replacement value of the item on the insurance form, that's what I do. If it's brand new then I put the retail value (regardless of what I paid) as that's what it's genuinely worth; for secondhand, I put replacement value, so how much on average one in that condition goes for on ebay. You can always justify this if it's questioned by showing auctions of others.
  13. I never send anything of value uninsured, regardless of whether it's tracked or not!!! Just takes the worry out of it.
  14. You took the words right out of my mouth. lol

    OP, don't take my frustration personally, please. I have my own ebay seller issue that somewhat relates so this hits a nerve, just want you to see a buyer's perspective.

    You made a mistake, learn from it. It just seems so often people want others to pay for their mistakes. Own it, the way we learn from mistakes and do it differently next time is if we take a personal loss from it sometimes.
  15. Yes, you should insure everything of value.

    However, you can not now insure a damaged item and then make a claim. That's not right.

    If I were you, I would have the buyer send me a pic, if it is ridiculously damaged, I'd say keep it. BUT, if it's only slightly damaged, I might ask her to ship it back to me and just use it myself. Regardless, I would refund her in full and cut my losses and move on.