I think I'm going to exchange Azur for Mono!

  1. I was thinking about this while tanning today, I know what a lovely place to think... Haha.

    I have not even used the Azur Speedy I just got- I recieved it the 23rd of July. It's still in the dustbag. I look at it occasionally.

    So I think I'm just not in love with it- If I return this mind you I will have sold/returned everything I bought in the first place. How dumb, I know.

    I would try my luck on eBay but all the ones I have seen even brand new have not even gotten to retail.

    I just want something a little more known I guess and I do love the LV's on the mono. I know I griped about how everyone has one around here but I don't care anymore. I want one!

    So I think I'm going to send it back and get the Mono 30 instead.

    Then I will have a brand new speedy 30 to go with my new pastilles which should be here soon!

    And hopefully I will love them both more!

    What do you think?

    I know you're probably going to say keep the Azur. But like I've read it is versitle but I'm not a very 'dressed up' person so I think the mono is better for that reason and it goes with more like many said. I can just grab it and go and not worry about what I'm wearing. I feel the Azur is more dressy.

    Thanks for listening! LOL

    I have to pay shipping to Eluxury but shipping back should be free right? And it will just be an even exchange?

    Also, I took the plastic off the handles and those paper things but I have not used it. Will they still take it back?
  2. Actually I sold my Azur too and bought more mono. I realized I am just not a Damier person, even in the Azur color. I now have only mono (mostly regular mono, some MC and denim). I think you should return it if you do not love it.
  3. Return it, if you don't love it. I have an azur speedy 30 and a mono one....I actually prefer my mono one. I guess I'm a logo loving gal!!!!
  4. Return and go with the Mono if you dont like it.
  5. I'm a mono girl myself - if you feel that way you need to return it and get what you'll like so you can actually get it out of the dustbag and enjoy it!!!
  6. I love the Azur, but it is not my bag and you need to adore your LV. I would send it back and get the Mono, you really should be loving and using your LV not letting it rest in its dustbag. Be sure to share pics of your new speedy when the exchange is complete!
  7. I also own just mono. I can't get into the little squares and the mono goes with everything...dress up or down!
  8. lol, i did the same thing as you! except i returned my damier speedy for the mono. I just couldn't feel totally happy with the red interior, i knew that it bleed if wet :S
    go with what you'll be happy with! i actually think the azur is cute, maybe in time you'll get both! lol
  9. Yeah... it's better to be safe than sorry.
  10. I sold my azur. I only used it maybe twice and felt the same thing. My friend laughed at me because I told her I was OVER IT!

    As far as the return, I am not sure if Eluxury will take it back since you removed all of the protective plastic and paper, but you could exchange it at the store. They will not take a RETURN from Elux at the store, but they will allow an exchange!
  11. Mmm I have both & love them but get the one you will be happiest with!
  12. I agree with the others, if you don't love it, return it. Personally, I am not into the Azur, but this is not about me, lol...get what you want and what you will love!
  13. You should love it. Which pastilles did you get, would think the multicolor would go best with azur and the mono pastilles with the mono bag.

  14. I got the multicolor (before I thought about exchanging it)... I think it looks ok on everything!

    Yeah I told my BF I was going to exchange it was he seemed angry- LOL. Because I've sold pretty much everything I have bought that I thought I liked.

    But I'm still going to try to exchange it- I will have to call Elux Monday and see if I can with them. If not IDK what I will do. The nearest store is 3-4 hours away.
  15. Return it and get the Mono and if you miss the Azur you could always buy it for Christmas!!! Either way, you win!!!