I think I'm going NUTS waiting for my Paddy from NAP!

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  1. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    I ordered on Thursday 10th May about 8am and I know my Muscade Paddy left the UK on Friday and that it arrived in Australia on Sunday.

    It spent 2 days in customs and I spent most of that time on the phone trying to chase up how much I had to pay in customs duty. ($332!):wtf: After paying that it left Melbourne on Tuesday afternoon and I've just spent all of Friday morning chasing it up at various couriers here, because DHL doesn't deliver in my state.

    Looks like I won't get it until at least Monday now! :sad:

    I feel like I'm going insane because I definitely don't want this gorgeous Paddy to go missing! And I better totally adore it after all this wait!
  2. Its really tough when there is a problem with your shipment isnt it.

    I thought my sable was lost in the mail as on mail tracking it was showing up as signed for by someone I'd never heard of. After I completely freaked out and worried myself sick, the bag showed up later that afternoon. No explanation. I ruined a day worrying for no good reason.
  3. I'm glad to hear your Sable turned up! I couldn't handle something as expensive as this getting lost!!! :nuts:
  4. I've been tracking it on DHL's website and for the past 3 days the status has been: "Delivery arranged no details expected". :sad:
  5. It's a worry - but chances are the bag is safe. Aki is also having trouble with Australian customs not releasing her bag so you are definitely not alone.
  6. Did you try to track it through Australia post?
  7. It's not coming through Australia Post - although that would have been much easier to deal with. :yes:

    After leaving DHL it went to "Road Runners" and now it's gone onto another freight carrier. I hope it doesn't get squashed!!!!

    I think they're going to leave it at my local post office, but even if they deliver on Monday, I can't get there until Tuesday.

    I keep telling myself the wait will be worth it!
  8. nelstar, I can understand how you feel as I have the same problem as you!!!

    My quilted bay bag has arrived Australia this morning, but they said they won't deliver it until Monday! I was so sad... I'm going insane too~
  9. Australia customs is painful!!! I rememberp ayign thatm uch customs for my paddy arriving too! Although being in sydney delivery was much smoother :biggrin: But the wait is excrutiating! Hope you get it soon and post pics :biggrin:
  10. :yahoo: I was so suprised~ I've received my moka quilted bay bag today! I cannot believe it has delivery serivces on Saturday...
  11. Ah no! I feel for you Nelstar. I hate waiting for delivery. I ordered my muscade Paddy (snap:heart:) with NAP on the Thur and it didn't get deliverred till the Tue cuz it was a bank holiday weekend. I drove my husband mad checking the dhl tracking to see where it was. I nearly kissed the delviery man when it came, he he. :yahoo:

    I hope it arrives safe and sound soon, and you'll love it, no question!

    Here's a pic to tide you over
  12. Hope it gets there soon! I love NAP...it's a great site. They take a while to get to you sometimes with customs and everything, but it's always worth the wait! :smile:
  13. Yes, it's worth the wait! I got my nutmeg/muscade from NAP as well and it's wonderful!! You will LOVE yours! :yahoo:
  14. Ditto the above comments. I love my muscade paddy from NAP too. :heart: I hope you enjoy yours.
  15. bellacherie, dying to hear about the sable--please open and new thread and update us with pics...