I think I'm getting a bleu glacier City!

  1. Okay, originally, I wanted a bleu glacier twiggy and my mom wanted an Origan City...but now I think we just want a BG city haha...I think my mom and I are going to fax our order to Aloha Rag tomorrow! I'm so excited!!!

    Too bad I don't have a fax machine, I want to fax it now before my mom changes her mind! LOL :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Yeah, faxing AH is always difficult. I have a fax at work (of course) but I can't get away with sending an international fax. I love Bleu Glacier. You won't be disappointed. I especially love the BG's with more light grey undertones!
  3. yea I hope I love it! I've looked at all the BG photos on the forum, while all the photos differ from one another a bit, I think I'll love it!! I've heard most people say it has a grey undertone and that's just what I'm looking for :tup:
  4. Lucky Gals! ...please post pics so we can all :drool: at your new BG.
  5. BG is such a pretty color. Congrats!
  6. oooo how exciting! post pics when you get it!
  7. Blue Glacier is amazing...and I love how you and your Mom share bags...just like my Mom and I!
  8. ^^ haha only way I can afford to carry bbags, sharing with my mom! =P or it'd take months of saving. I'm a full time grad student lol. i keep thinking...my tuition can buy me 100 Firsts haha...

    I faxed it, now i'm just waitin to hear back from AR =P
  9. Congrats!!! BG was one of my favorite colors from last season. Please share pictures with us when you recieve her & let us know how the leather is :yahoo:
  10. How exciting! I love, love, love Bleu Glacier. Please post pics of both bags once you get them!
  11. Can't wait to see your City! I LOVE my BG First to death. It's an amazing colour and it goes with a ton.
  12. My order is being processed and I will receive my Fedex tracking number when it is shipped...ahhhh I can't wait!!!
  13. I'm looking forward to see your pictures!!!
    :drool: I can't, but I would looooooove blue glacier. It's one of my favourites :yes: Enjoy it!
  14. I've seen BG GH in Part time once ... very NICE!!
  15. BG is a very pretty color, congrats!