I think I'm done with Ebay-now what do I do?

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  1. Ok, I know I should have done this differently, but I didn't.

    I won this on eBay and I really thought it was authentic.

    Except when I put the number in the drilldown (which a nice tPF member provided me with, along with the description from her Spring '06 catalog) I get this picture:


    What makes me think I bought a fake is the detail in the center of the flower is very different.

    What do you ladies think? I've not yet paid and I have been in communication with the seller. Her first reply was quite snarky, saying she only sells authentic and guarantees that, but then she went on to say she herself bought this on eBay.

    I've never tried to get out of an auction and I want it to be done peacefully.
  2. Hmm... I don't know... It looks too good to me to be fake. I have never seen a fake one like that. Most of the fake ones just scream fake

    it looks just like the flower on my bee demi
  3. [​IMG]

    I think it's real... and CUTE!
  4. I think it is real as well.

    Maybe the seller just got the item number wrong?
  5. Could it be a different style? :s
  6. Looks just like the orange flower on my large straw bee tote also!
  7. How about the font on the hangtag?? Do you have a close up. The font is completely different on the fakes... For lack of the appropriate terminology, the font is more squashed on the auth. ones, and the kerning and everything is diff. on the fakes.
  8. it looks real to me too.. yes the hangtag usually is a dead giveaway too.. I bet it's just the wrong style #. :yes:
  9. The seller must have given you the style number wrong?
    I pulled this out from the drilldown and it looks identical. This one is 1815

  10. I hope all this has eased your mind.. I say go ahead and pay for it, because I definitely think it's real..

    and show is some more pics when you get it!!
  11. I wonder if each different color charm had a different item number? There was also a line of matching scarves, in different colors.
  12. I think the wrong item number was throwing me off.

    I get myself so stressed out sometimes.

    Thanks for your input.
  13. Thats exactly how I feel when I buy from eBay - stressed!!! Ive done it several times recently, but even if you are as sure as you can be regarding authenticity, its still stressful! That is an adorable charm, by the way. I love finding different items - that is one of the appeals of ebay to me.
  14. I think this is real. Probably that was the wrong style number on the other one!