i think i'm done selling on ebay

  1. i've had two listing disappear b/c of ill. eBay users, and i've had four listing bid on by ppl who should have had the account suspended ages ago. i'm fed up and frustrated. i really loved eBay up until recently.
  2. I'm sorry this has happened to you so recently. Maybe it's time to take a break and come back when you're feeling like you can manage the undoubted rough that comes along with the eBay smooth? I really believe Ebay is something to be done only when feeling happy, resilient and unstressed because sadly there is no way of knowing whether one is going to get the wonderful transaction or the transaction from hell . . .Take a break if you need to - it will always be there to return to . . .
  3. This seems to be happening a lot now...Makes me a little bit weary of eBay too!
  4. It is happening alot and all we can do is sit in there . I am certain Ebay will find a way to prevent all of the scam buyers ...... hacked accounts, zero feedback etc. There has to be an additional security measure Ebay can enforce to prevent these things going on.
  5. I hear you. I am fed up with them today too and all the idiots that don't read the auction before they bid. After this round of items are gone I am taking a break.
  6. Yep I'm feeling the same, really fed up with it.
  7. yes, i agree .. had a listing taken down yesterday because somebody hijacked an account and bid on 100+ high end designer items .. it's a major pain to relist and eBay really needs to start working on this growing problem. :mad: :mad:
  8. i'm really sorry everyone has had a bad experience. i haven't yet, but the only transaction i've had is a lucky find of a kooba bonnie, and i bought it from one of our own, a TPFer! I was thrilled to buy something from a name i recognized, and i'm pretty sure i'm only going to network out through people i trust. i don't know if i'd ever sell on ebay.... bait and switch and such really make me nervous.
  9. i have been an active ebay member for *years* and have not had the problems like the ones i've had this week! truly, i didn't think that i was just fortunate before, i really feel like something has changed in the ebay community- where i once felt mostly safe and trust, i now feel leary and uncomfortable. why do bad ppl have to wreck things for the rest of us???
  10. Hopefully Ebay will get their act together and clean up the puddles.
  11. Same thing happened to me! I sell for about two months, then get so frustrated that I have to take a few months off. During that time I buy too much, and end up needing to sell more stuff. Vicious cycle!!
    Ebay has gotten really bad tho since December when they put their new bag selling rules into place. It should have helped, but it made legit sellers have a harder time selling also.
    Add to that all the hijacked accounts and overseas bidders who don't follow thru, and it's a nightmare!
    I always get SO excited when I see a Buy-it-now, but usually twice a day they're not legit. SAD!
    Good luck. Don't give up. Just take some time off. Shop a little. Always makes me feel lots better! hehe
  12. I'm so sorry this happened to you:sad: - I had two items BIN with hijacked accounts a few weeks ago- so I added immediate payment to my BIN's- very frustrating and time consuming to relist. It seems like every day this happens- I don't understand why ebay can't put some sort of a dollar buying limit on all accounts and require a call or something to go over it. It wouldn't prevent accounts from being hijacked but at least it would minimize the number of fradulent transactions.
  13. I second this. I've happily bought and sold for some time now. But the last couple of months, I've had items that have been won by no-longer registered buyers, and where current buyers have had their accounts hacked. Hacked off is the word!! :cursing: I've reported a number of things to ebay, and what do they do? The do sweet FA!!

    I've had a chargeback, and paypal ignores me. :cursing:

    Ebay is not an enjoyable experience anymore. And unless ebay gets to grips with it, coming back in a few weeks time, wouldn't really change anything.

    I have a few items to sell and then I'm done with ebay.
  14. I'm taking a break from ebay and it's so relaxing!!! :yes:

    The stress of selling and dealing with NPB, scams, hijacked accounts, spams is totally not worth it! I don't know how ebay could stop all these hijacked accounts. And even if they did, the hijackers can easily create new accounts!

    You want to know why ebay doesn't put limits on people's buying??? Coz it'll cut into their profit! Also, legit buyers will be unfairly restricted...
  15. Sounds bliss. Will be with you soon, chillin!! :graucho: